Altitude Neck Tube Stripe

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The neck is one of the most overlooked source of heat loss, so retain precious warmth with our Altitude Neck Tube. Designed to cover exposed gaps above your top or jacket, and versatile enough to be worn as a headband or ‘beanie style’, this invaluable accessory is perfectly thin but incredibly warm. 

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The neck is one of the most overlooked source of heat loss, so retain precious warmth with our Altitude Neck Tube. Designed to cover the exposed areas of your neck, it fits comfortably within the layers of your other ioMerino garments. The Neck Tube has enough length to pull over your chin and lower face and gives you the flexibility to fully zip any jacket shell if needed. It can also be worn as a headband or ‘beanie style’ to keep your head and ears warm.

Made from the same Enigma fabric, this invaluable accessory is perfectly thin but incredibly warm and keeps in more heat for its weight than virtually any other garment.

Previously known as the Highpoint Neck Tube.

Key features:

  • The ioMerino flagship Enigma fabric. 96% Australian Merino wool with 4% Elastane provides a four way stretch for easy movement.
  • Tag free, anti-chafe, flat-lock seams.
  • Superior 18.5 micron soft and lightweight MicroMerino®, providing a luxurious next-to-skin feel.
  • The anti-freeze properties of MicroMerino® prevent the condensation build up on the Neck Tube from freezing. (It stays warmer when wet!)
  • Long enough to cover the back of your neck when tucked into helmets and beanies.
  • Perfect thickness for helmet straps - not overly bulky allowing helmets to be properly secured over the Neck Tube.
  • Antimicrobial (anti-odour and anti-germ) 
  • Ultra Trail Australia mandatory gear approved

What you need to know:

  • Layering: Base layer
  • Weight: Lightweight (160gsm)
  • Fit: Contact to regular
  • Length: Nose to neck
  • Fabric: Enigma 96% superfine Merino, 4% Elastane
  • Size: One size fits all

Natural MicroMerino® benefits:

  • Naturally breathable and temperature regulating. Helps keep you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm.
  • Moisture Wicking. Stays warm even when it’s wet and naturally wicks moisture away from the skin for extra comfort.
  • Odor-Resistant. Natural antimicrobial properties to prevent odor – especially good for travelling and extended adventures.
  • Made with only the softest, finest Australian Merino wool. Designed and knitted in Australia for adventure.
  • An ethically and sustainably produced natural fibre. Good for the people who make it. Good for the planet.


The ioMerino 'Enigma' is our flagship fabric. Featured in our Altitude range. 

'Enigma' is a lightweight 170gsm single jersey MicroMerino®, knitted using 18.5 micron 96% full-fleece Australian Merino wool knitted and 4% elastin.

The combination of merino wool and 4% elastin in the 'Enigma' fabric ensure perfect body contact, eliminates excessive bulk, and a 4-way stretch allowing your limbs to move freely as the fabric does not inhibit your range of motion.

Benefits of the ioMerino 'Enigma' fabric:

  • Moisture management wicking - moving moisture away from the body keeping the body dry and cool
  • Antimicrobial - Moisture absorption properties reduce the tendencies for a build-up of odour.
  • Luxuriously soft next to skin
  • Breathable and temperature regulating
  • Ultra-comfortable warmth
  • Maximum warmth, minimal weight
  • Quick drying

All ioMerino fabrics are fully machine-washable.

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