Cap - 1870

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A classic ‘snap back’ cap made from soft touch, insulating wool with a genuine Australian kangaroo leather patch. Light enough to wear all year round, but will provide more warmth than a regular cap when it’s cold.

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Snap back caps are a dime a dozen, but we spent 12 months experimenting with how to make one out of soft touch wool to create a genuine performance cap. 

This one features a genuine kangaroo leather patch making it an iconic Australian cap. Australian wool. Australian leather. From an Australian company. It doesn’t get any more Aussie than that. 

Still looks and feels like a regular cap, but delivers the thermo regulating ‘insulation’ qualities of merino wool. You can wear this one all year round, just like a regular cap, but in the cold weather, it will actually deliver an extra level of warmth making it as useful as it is snazzy looking.

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Fabric: 85% Wool, 155 Nylon

Fabric: 85% Wool, 15% Nylon

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One size fits most