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If you’re an ‘Outsider’, this classic ‘snap back’, made from soft touch, insulating wool, is for you. Light enough to wear all year round, but will provide more warmth than a regular cap when it’s cold.

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The Outsiders Manifesto. 

We are… The Outsiders.

The ones who choose outside, over inside.

To have our head in the clouds, to feel the sand, the dirt, the grass, the water, the ground beneath our feet.

To live. Unlimited.

Passionate. Enthusiastic. Courageous. 

Free thinking. Free Spirited. Free to roam.

We explore the coasts, the forests, the mountains, the bush, the backcountry, the woods, the rivers, the lakes, the snowfields, the trails, the wilderness, the wide open spaces. We explore The Outside.

We celebrate, and protect, nature, because we are on Outside’s side.

We believe natural is better. We choose ethical and sustainable. We choose real.

We live life on our own terms. Outside of the norm. Outside of the expected. Outside of the obvious. Outside of limits. Outside.

We are The Outsiders.


We spent 12 months creating the perfect cap for The Outsiders and here it is. Made from soft touch wool, it looks and feels like a regular cap, but delivers the thermo regulating ‘insulation’ qualities of merino wool for when you’re outside. You can wear this one all year round, just like a regular cap, but in the cold weather, it will actually deliver an extra level of warmth making it as useful as it is snazzy looking.

One size fits most

Fabric: 85% Wool, 15% Nylon

Cap - ioMerino

Cap - ioMerino

Chaser Skull Cap

Chaser Skull Cap

Fabric: 85% Wool, 15% Nylon

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One size fits most