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Let's Go! New Year Challenge

December 09, 2020 2 min read

ioMerino New Year Challenge

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Looking to kiss (or maybe kick) 2020 goodbye? Aren’t we all? This is your chance to get off to a great start in 2021 and get some pretty sweet bling for your efforts with our New Year Challenge. 
Just sign up, pick your distance, decide if you’ll walk, run or ride, and whether or not you want a medal for your efforts and an officially ridiculously comfortable top to wear while you’re going, and you’re good to go.
Ready? Good! Then… Let’s go 2021!

*You've landed on the Australian residents sign up page.  Click here for the US residents sign up page.

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Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Let us know if you’ll be running, riding or walking… and yes, if you’re more of a hiker than a walker, just tick that box.
Step 2: Decide which distance you’re up for - 10.5, 21.2, or 42.2km a week. The eagle eyed runners out there will have already worked out that signing up for 10.5km a week gives you a marathon month, the 21.1kms a week notches up a double marathon month, or you can run a marathon a week and finish January with the equivalent of fourth marathons under your belt.
Step 3: Choose whether you’re signing up for free or whether you want some bling at the end of it. And there's even some official ioMerino New Year Challenge tops so you have something awesome to wear while you’re doing the challenge.
Step 4: If you’re on Strava, you may want to join to the Outsiders Club to stay connected. But don’t panic, if you’re not on Strava, you can still do the challenge. Just measure your own efforts as you go with whatever app you like.
Step 5: If you’re on Facebook, you can join our New Year Challenge Facebook group to stay in touch, ask questions, or check out what other people are up to.
Step 6:
Every week we’ll send you an email with your ‘virtual check point’ - simply check in each week and let us know you’re still there and still going and you’ll automatically go in that week’s prize draw. 
Step 7: Get to the end, cross the ‘virtual finish line’, and if you’ve signed up for it, get your bling. Woo hoo! You’re up and going and you’ll be into February.

Sign up now

And remember, one email address per entrant so that we know 'who' is checking in!
Need some extra information on our challenge? Check out our FAQs here, as your questions will most likely be answered. However, if you need to contact us for something more complex, feel free to contact our friendly team here
Full terms and conditions available here
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