Mid Weight Mini Crew Socks

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These Mini Crew socks are an epic all round sock for all weather conditions, warm or cold. Hike in them, run in them, ride in them, or just wear them for every day comfort and enjoy the many benefits of natural Merino wool socks.

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These multi purpose socks deliver all the comfort of natural Merino wool socks in a Mini Crew. They’ve been designed with ventilation and padding where you need it most to deliver an epic level of all round comfort in all sorts of weather conditions. They’ll keep your feet warm in the cold, comfortable if they get wet, and thanks to the natural breathability and thermo regulating properties, even keep them cool in the warm weather. They feel silky smooth and comfortable straight out of the pack and are perfect for hiking in a low cut boot, running, riding or just for day to day wear.


These particular socks are currently available in M/L and L/XL only. Sorry. 

Key Features:

  • Keeps your feet warm without overheating
  • Thicker, padded ‘comfort zones’
  • Natural breathability and moisture wicking
  • Odor resistant for fresh feet
  • Anti-chafe, anti-blister technology

Fabric Features:

  • 80% pure Australian Merino wool
  • 20% Nylon for stretch and support
  • Luxuriously soft next to skin feel
  • Naturally breathable for temperature regulation
  • Natural antimicrobial odor-resistance
  • Anti-itch for ultimate comfort


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These particular socks are currently available in M/L and L/XL only.