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Custom Printed High Performance ioMerino

Short runs & print on demand available.

At io we specialise in custom branding our garments for everything from small groups to large organisations and events. Working with merino means some things are more challenging than others, (for example, we don’t usually recommend embroidery because it ruins the soft feel of the fabric,) but if there’s a way, we’ll find it.

Depending on what you need, our minimum runs are usually pretty low - sometimes we can do as few as one or two!

We can also provide a ‘print on demand’ service which we’ve done for many groups who don’t want the hassle of holding stock, getting stuck with sizes nobody wants etc.

Some of the organisations and events we’ve done gear for include:

  • Elders
  • Tasmanian Walking Company
  • Jodi Lee Foundation
  • Trail Running SA (various events)
  • Five Peaks Ultramarathon
  • Trail Running SA Summer Series
  • Ultra Trail Australia
  • Rogaining SA
  • World Rogaining Championships
  • Off the Track Training
  • Base2Summit
  • BMX Bandits Adventure Racing Team
​ ​
World Rogaining Championships 2016
Pace Sports Bra - Single Colour (Full colour also available)
World Rogaining Championships 2016
Pace Sports Bra - Single Colour (Full colour also available)
Ultra Trail Australia - single colour.
Base2Summit - Two colour
Ultra Trail Australia - single colour, front and sleeve.
Base2Summit - Two colour
Trail Running SA Series Tee - Two Colour
Wonderland Trail Run - Single colour
Trail Running SA Series Tee - Two Colour
Wonderland Trail Run - Single colour
Full colour print
Full colour print
Full colour print Full colour print



What’s the minimum quantity you can do?

We can do literally just one garment for you, but it will be more expensive because there’s usually a set up cost and that gets split across all the garments you order so if you’re only ordering one, it's a one off expense on top of the garment. We usually find about ten garments gets the unit cost down to something people are happy to pay but we’ve done orders for as few as five or six.

How much does it cost to customise gear?

This really does depend on what process we use (printing, embroidery, transfers) and how big those areas are. A small transfer may cost as little as $5 or $10 per unit, whereas larger ones can be quite a bit more.

There can also be a one-off set up cost which varies depending on which method we use. We suggest contacting us to discuss what you’re after and we can put together a quote for you. But if you assume there may be a one off set up cost of somewhere between $50 and $250 dollars, then a per unit cost when we supply them.

For example, we might print a minimum quantity of 30 transfers at a cost of $150, then supply ten T-shirts with transfers applied to them for $5-$10 above the usual cost of the garment.

If they’re transfers can we just do them ourselves?

The things that make merino amazing to wear, also make it a bit tricky to print on. So we don’t generally do screen printing, and when we use transfers, we order special transfers, and use specific settings on a heat press to ensure they are applied properly.

If you wanted to try printing your own, or ordering and applying your own transfers from your own printing place you’re welcome to do that, but we strongly recommend you ensure they are suitable for merino before doing so. We’ve had people try this previously with very mixed results.

Do we get better prices for larger orders?

If you have an event or organisation where you’ll need 20+ garments, we would do a quote for you.

How long does it take?

Yes, you guessed it, this depends on the process used as well. The most popular process is applying special transfers, and this would take a minimum of about two weeks from ordering to supply.

Can you help me with a design?

We don’t offer a design service and would suggest a website like Fiverr or Freelancer may be able to help if you can’t find someone locally.

What format should I supply my artwork in?
As long as it’s high resolution, we can accept PDFs, PSDs, PNGs, TIFs, AI, EPS, INDD and just about any other format.

If you're interested in custom printing on your io gear, get in contact with us here or give us a call on (61) 08 8209 4198