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Season change

My first iomerino jumper. The fit is longer and warmer then the competitions brand. I had to go up a size but the fit is great. The jumper also is soft and of course being merino versatile.

Glad to hear you are happy with your choice
My favourite top

I have a few of these tops. Great fit. I love the feel against my skin. I wear them underneath jackets or on their own. Great for everyday wear, travel, exercise.

Great to hear Angela!
Great neck warmer

When the Hobart wind picks up, having one of these in your pocket does the trick.

Mongrel by name, pedigree in nature

Love this top. Comfortable and stylish. Wear it running, wear it around town. Can't go past quality merino.

Mongrel hiking T-Shirt

Brilliant. I usually wear Icebreaker and I hike long tracks. Just completed Heysen Trail. You have converted me to this T-shirt To join my long sleeve iMerino gear.🐏

Great to hear Adele, its become a new favourite of ours!

Over the years I have tried many different brands of socks made out of all sorts of materials & combinations without coming across anything outstanding until I bought a pair of ioMerino hiking socks. Put them on & it was like wow, so soft, comfortable, put my boots on & my feet were happy all day long.Took my boots & socks off after the first day & no sign of dampness or odour so I continued wearing the same pair of socks for seven days straight & still no odour, dampness plus my feet haven't been so happy ever! So I promptly ordered another couple pairs & will most likely get rid of all my old socks & replace with the hiking socks !

That's wonderful Brian! Think of all the washing you will save on!

I bought this top under a bit of duress from my lovely wife who had read all about io Merino & how good the products were, I really wanted something like a tank top however right from the first morning I found myself loving the top, it keeps you warm on a 1 C to @C early morning row but keeps you cool on a 18C row as well. Due to spending many years out in the sun with minimal protection I have the usual skin damage & I'm wrapped that the top seems to stop any sunburn from happening. When rowing fairly hard I'm very aware there's little to no moisture on my body except around the groin area which is mainly due to my non io Merino rowing shorts as I have the io merino boxer shorts which work a treat. I find the high neck & long sleeves really good as its protecting the neck area from the sun & cold plus when it does warm that bit, you can undo the zip allowing a more airflow. I just cant say enough good things about this remarkable product, being a 4th generation wool grower, I'm excited by the clever use of one of the greatest underutilized products around ! Be careful on sizing as this product needs to be firm on you,

Thrilled to read your review Brian, we think they're pretty amazing too!
Awsome !

The softness of the materiel is extremely good & you forget you have them on . They do a incredible job of keeping of keeping the legs warm on a 1C or 2 C early morning row but equally keep you cool on a 18 C row. I did wear them on a 38C day but not rowing & despite my legs being exposed to the sun for over 5 hours, there was no sign of any redness nor did I feel overly warm. A excellent product that does what its advertised to do !! I agree with Simon, snug & sexy !

Underwear for your head

So thin it can be worn under a sunhat on cool sunny mornings, or under a beanie or balaclava when it's really cold. I wish I had it in Antarctica.
Also just fine on its own of course. Another winner.

Glad you like it, its a favourite of ours too!
Take this to the weight room!

OK--this is a men's shirt but that's what fits me best when I weight train. This thing controls the temperature--in my gym it's using hovering on freezing!!--it's long enough so it doesn't ride up when I do pull-ups, and it has a higher neck (see freezing temperature comment!) PLUS no one else has this tank, and it can be stinklessly for a week of cardio and work-outs.

Glad to hear you like it! Thanks for your positive review!
Vital Crew Neck

I just love the 2 Vital Crew neck ioMerion tops I brought. They are super soft and super light weight, They are either good as a layer or just on their own, depending on the temperatures. They are also a great piece to travel with, as they don't take up any room in your suitcase and provide just the right amount of protection on cool days.

Thanks for your review, they're a favourite of ours too!
The best

I have bought a veritable ioFleece in recent times. This is my favourite item. Light. Warm yet cool. Easy to tie around the waist when layers peel off. Rad looking. It's all good.

Glad to hear it's ticking all boxes for you!
Great - one comment

The tube feels great but as I have a skinny neck it feels too loose around the neck but guess it needs to be that size to stretch to cover ears etc.
Great to keep neck warm without having to wear a scarf

Great service

I ordered the top and it was delivered the next day !
It looks good but is a gift so I haven't worn it.

Great to hear! You''ll have to buy yourself one!
comfort plus

really comfortable fine wool ideal fr walking etc.

Ultra Tee
Ultra T

My Ultra T in Silver Pine tones perfectly with my silver hair. I also love having it in XXL which some athletic lines won't stretch to. I went ahead and bought a second one in red because the length and drape are perfect for the wider runner and great as street wear as well.

Thankyou for your great review.
Vital Tank
It's good

The 2nd time I've bought these tanks - I've literally worn out the previous one's - Soft, comfy light - Perfect for that base layer when the days start chilly and end up toasty!!

That's great! Glad to hear you've come back for more.
Ultra Tee
The best you can get!

I own half a dozen ultra tees. It’s all I wear! Super comfortable, looks great, and don’t have to wash all the time! IoMerino is all I buy nowadays, premium product.

Thanks for your kind words Michael, we think its amazing too!
Exactly what I wanted!

Can’t believe I’ve waited so long to purchase quality arm warmers. The catalyst is NYC Marathon 2019 where it will be cold to start off and they’re perfect. Super easy to remove mid-run and a great fit. I was worried that they’d fall down but no way. I took a size XS/S and I’m really pleased with the product.

I love these pants, they can be dressed up or worn whilst hiking. So very comfortable, I’ve bought 2 pairs.

Cool and Warm naturally

Merino i Like. Pants are great. Comfortable and light. Waiting for Northern winter...

Glad to hear your prepared!

I bought 2 altitude neck tubes and they are very nice and comfortable, not too hot and compatible with skin feelings. They help to bump up heat without falling off. Easy to remove, good design.

Glad to hear they are working for you!

Excellent top - like the colour and high neck zip style

That's great Ros, enjoy wearing it!
My 'go to' shirt

I love this shirt! Its my go to top when its cold, when its hot, when I'm running, and when I'm mooching around the house! Soft and comfortable and with a flattering cut.

Glad its 'ticking lots of boxes' for you!

No nonsense. Well designed. The wider shoulders are perfect under a hydration pack.
It doesn't need to be a fashion statement - it just works.


Fabric Guide

While Merino is an amazing natural fibre, not all Merino fabrics are created equal. At ioMerino, we make our own fabrics, using only the best quality fibres, and to very specific specifications that make the most of the natural benefits of Merino. All of them are 'Merino rich’. No cheap blends passed off as Merino. No cheaper scratchy fibres or synthetic substitutes to save money. No unethical production. And each fabric is made for a specific purpose. So if you see something with a small amount of elastase or nylon added, you can be sure it absolutely needs to be there to enhance the natural stretch and durability. 

It took every bit of our 140 years of experience in the wool industry to perfect our fabrics, but we think you’ll agree the end result was more than worth the effort.

Ethically Made. Ethically Sourced. Perfectly Natural. 


Altitude / Zodiac

Lightweight 170gsm 96% Australian Merino Wool with 4% elastane for extra stretch and comfort. A MicroMerino® Fabric. 


Ultra / Universal

Lightweight 160gsm 83% Australian Merino Wool blended with 12% nylon blended for extra durability and 5% Elastane for stretch and comfort.



Midweight 265gsm 96% Australian Merino Wool with 4% elastane for extra stretch and comfort. A MicroMerino® Fabric. 


Summerino - Keystone 

Ultra Lightweight 150gsm 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino® Fabric. 


Merino Compression

Midweight 280gsm 76% Australian Merino Wool, 15% Elastane and 9% Nylon for extra stretch and compression properties.



Ultra lightweight ribbed 155gsm 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino®  Fabric. 



Outer Weight 280gsm Fleece 100% Australian Merino Wool. MicroMerino®  Fabric. 



Midweight 260gsm 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino®  Fabric. 



Midweight 260gsm waffle texture 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino®  Fabric. 


Stride / Glacier / Velocity

Midweight 255gsm French Terry 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino®  Fabric. 


Natural Merino Wool benefits: