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Why Choose Merino

Benefits of Merino Wool - Why Choose Wool. 

Let’s be honest, there are all kinds of fabrics out there, and some are actually pretty good. For certain things. Silk, for instance, is excellent for fancy underwear, but not so great to climb a mountain in.

Given our name and what we do, of course, we’re going to say Merino is the best fabric in the world. But that’s only because when it comes to certain things, Merino really is the best fabric in the world. And not just any old Merino, but ours in particular. But more on that later. For now, let’s look at the facts.



So you love the great outdoors? So do we! Which makes it all the more confusing to us why people insist on choosing such unnatural fibres, like stinky synthetic for their outdoor gear. Sure, synthetics come in fancy colours, but they’re plastic! So if you love being in nature, go the whole hog and do it in something natural, like Merino. Our Australian Merino wool comes from a renewable, natural source. Merino fleece has evolved for thousands of years to produce a fibre that has become one of the most effective natural forms of all weather protection known to man.


Biodegradable and good for the environment

When you buy Merino, not only do you get something that performs the way you want it to, you’re doing the planet a favour as well. Which we think you’ll agree is pretty important for anyone who’s serious about doing the right thing by the environment you love so much. The trees, that beautiful clear air? Our clothes don't stuff that up like many synthetics do.

Your ioMerino will last for years, but when you're ready to pass it on, it will decompose in a matter of months. And not in 400 million years like synthetics. It’s nice to know it’s biodegradable and won’t be stuffing up the environment you love so much. Even the Prince of Wales is on board with this one!

Our 100% Merino range can be discarded straight into your compost bin. Wool is an animal protein and as such it can be used as a soil fertiliser, being a slow release source of nitrogen and ready made amino acids. Win, win! 


Super soft 

Merino wool fibres are extremely fine, enabling them to bend far more than traditional, coarser wool fibres. This bend makes Merino feel soft and luxuriously gentle next to your skin. While Merino is an amazing natural fibre, not all Merino fabrics are created equal. So here at ioMerino, we've stepped that up a notch. We weren't happy with being ‘average’, so we've created the revolutionary new range of MicroMerino® fabrics.

We make our own fabrics, using only the best quality fibres, and to very specific specifications that make the most of the natural benefits of Merino. For those of you who are technically minded and want to know a few extra details, here’s the scoop: MicroMerino® is pure, 18.5 micron Merino which falls into the ‘superfine’ classification.  We don't use any nasties like heavy synthetic blends, chlorine bleaches or silicone coated fibres for temporary "softness", our merino is soft straight out of the bag and only gets better with each wash. 

It took every bit of our 140 years of experience in the wool industry to perfect our fabrics, but we think you’ll agree the end result was more than worth the effort.

 Women's Vital Second Skin Long Sleeve- 100% ultra fine Australian Merino 

Keeps You Warmer.

If you’ve ever seen pictures of the early explorers and adventurers, particularly those who explored the super cold places like the Himalayas or Antarctica such as Sir Edmund Hillary or Australia’s own Sir Douglas Mawson, you’ll probably have noticed they’re wearing wool. Let’s just say they, and adventurers all over the world today, didn’t wear wool by chance, but rather because it’s always been the first choice for surviving in the cold weather. Thank goodness technology has evolved and wool isn’t as rough or itchy as it was back then!

The bottom line is, if you’re looking for warm clothing, Merino is the ‘go to’ fabric for people in the know. The warmth to weight ratio is completely unrivalled, so while the layers often feel thin and lightweight, they deliver a lot more warmth than most other materials, especially when layered with other Merino garments. Our range has been made to work together for maximum insulation and heat retention. 


Light weight 

Merino wool fibres are incredibly fine, almost one-tenth the width of human hair and feels softer and lighter against your skin than most synthetics. This fineness translates into a lightweight feel that doesn’t restrict the body or feel tight against the skin.


Breathable & Temperature Regulating (warm when cool, cool when warm) 

As well as being unbelievably warm, Merino is packed with a number of natural performance features that no one has ever been able to replicate. Click here if you’d like to know more about Merino Vs Synthetics, but for now, let’s just say it’s one of Mother Nature’s many gifts to us. 

Arguably, other than being nice and warm, Merino’s next most important performance quality is temperature regulation. In simple terms, Merino acts a lot like the insulation in your roof, or the woollen under blanket on your bed. It keeps you warm in the cold weather, and cool in the warm weather. On a cool morning, one Merino layer will keep you warm, but as the temperature rises, it will breathe and temperature regulate enough to help prevent you from overheating - meaning a single layer will work well from cool to warm, or warm to cool. Making it the perfect choice for when there’s a chance you’ll experience varying temperatures as you go.


Moisture Wicking

Without getting too technical, the scientific reality is the structure of the Merino wool fibre makes it way better at ‘active moisture management’ than many synthetics which are basically solid plastic fibres. Merino, has a natural water repelling exterior (the cuticle) and a water holding (hydrophilic) interior. In plain English, Merino will move sweat and moisture away from your skin and release it as vapour, ultimately helping to keep you more comfortable.

Merino can actually absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture! And before you ask, sure, if it’s holding 35% of its own weight in moisture, yes, the material does get a little heavier, but it’s so lightweight to start with, you’ll still be incredibly comfortable. More importantly, it will still stay warm even when it’s wet right through and will never freeze - even in extreme environments, due to a  naturally occurring scientific reaction from wool known as "heat absorption". You'll never feel cold and clammy.  


Odour Resistant

Merino is stink-free. Yes, seriously! You know how earlier we mentioned Merino has a number of natural performance qualities? Well, this is another one of them. We don’t do anything weird or add any dodgy chemicals, it’s simply thanks to the anti-microbial properties found naturally in Merino.

If you’re active, no matter what the temperature, there’s a chance you’re going to perspire. And if you perspire in regular fabrics, and especially synthetic sports fabrics, there’s a very good chance you’ll start to smell. Merino, on the other hand, has a natural ability to repel the bacteria that causes the smell which means you’ll smell better longer. Something those around you will appreciate just as much as, if not more, than you will. 




Contrary to popular belief, Merino wool isn't prickly, itchy or an allergen. A group of medical professionals have recently concluded in a study called  “Debunking the Myth of Wool Allergy”  that there is no credible evidence showing any allergy to wool.

The Murdoch Children's Research Institute has also recently  published research that demonstrates the therapeutic benefits of wearing superfine Merino wool next to the skin for people who suffer from chronic skin condition like eczema and dermatitis. This adds to a growing number of research findings supporting the health and wellbeing benefits of superfine Merino wool.

So, if you’ve ever steered clear of Merino Wool because you didn’t believe it could be soft or comfortable enough, or if you’ve tried other brands and been disappointed, our range of tops and bottoms that will make you rethink everything. Start with the softest of the soft with our Vital Collection. You won't find any itch and prickle with our MicroMerino® fabric! 


Wrinkle Resistant 

At microscopic level, each Merino wool fibre is like a coiled spring that returns to its natural shape after being bent. This gives Merino wool garments a natural resistance to wrinkles. A light steam of your ioMerino will have it looking brand new in seconds. 


UV Resistant

ioMerino provides good protection from the sun, especially when compared with the protection from other fibres. As a natural fibre, evolved over millions of years to protect sheep against the elements, Merino absorbs UV radiation providing protection from the sun. This makes it a good choice for your outdoor adventures, and because it also keeps you cool when its warm, it makes for great protection in Summer! Read more about why our  'Summerino' range is so good in hot weather here.


Stain Resistant 

Merino wool fibres have a natural protective outer layer that helps prevent stains from being absorbed. And because Merino wool tends not to generate static, it attracts less dust and lint as well! Stain resistant and anti-stink make ioMerino the perfect choice for camping, hiking and travelling. Pack lighter and stay clean and fresh in ioMerino. 


Easy care 

ioMerino is super easy to look after. It may be naturally stick and stain resistant, but you’re still going to want to wash it every now and then which is super easy to do. All ioMerino tops and bottoms are complete machine washable. We use pre-shrunken yarn so you'll never experience any shrinking. Our gear will only get softer with each wash. Tumble drying on a low setting or air dry in the shade, laying flat. Hand wash beanies and cool machine wash only on our socks. Read our full care guide here.



Fire resistant 

Wool’s inherent chemical structure makes it naturally flame resistant. It is a highly trusted natural fibre in aircraft, hospitals and even in space. NASA is now sourcing Merino wool for its natural protective powers and ultimate comfort. Merino is impressed with the ‘flame resistant’ qualities thatt keep their astronauts safe when they get a little hot under the collar.

Cotton catches alight at 255°C, where Merino doesn't ignite until the temperature reaches a staggering 570-600°C. Polyester melts at 252-292°C, where as wool never melts so it can’t stick and caused bodily harm like many common synthetics.



Australian Merino sheep produce a new fleece every year, making Merino wool an entirely renewable fibre source. Australian wool growers actively work to improve efficiency and care for natural resources, endeavouring to make the Australian wool industry sustainable for future generations. 


Read more about how naturally amazing wool is here.