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MicroMerino® - Our range of revolutionary Merino Wool Fabrics

At ioMerino, we’re not happy with ‘average’, and we don’t expect our customers to be either. That’s why we created the revolutionary new range of MicroMerino® fabrics. These fabrics take all the natural benefits of Merino, and make them better. They feel better, perform better and are better. It took every bit of our 140 years of experience in the wool industry to perfect the production process, but we think you’ll agree the end result was more than worth the effort.


MicroMerino®: It’s the Rolls Royce of Merino.

We’re not going to bore you with too many details, but the reality is MircoMerino® really is the Rolls Royce of Merino fabrics. It all starts with the wool we buy - nothing but literally the finest Australian Merino wool. There’s a good reason most of the world’s Merino comes from Australia - because it’s the best! And we choose the absolute best of the best to make our fabrics.


Not all merino fabrics are created equal.

We’ll be the first to admit all Merino fabrics have the natural benefits Merino is famous for. But not all Merino fabrics are created equal. That would be like saying all cars are created equal. Obviously they’re not. And nor are Merino fabrics. To create MircoMerino we control every single part of the production process, from spinning to dyeing to knitting, to make sure MicroMerino® is like nothing else on Earth. And it’s not. It’s better. Much better.


David Michell: A man with a mission.

David Michell, the man behind ioMerino is a 6th generation wool man. So what he doesn’t know about wool isn’t worth knowing. He made it his mission to create the world’s most comfortable, best performing Merino fabric and the result of all his hard work is MicroMerino®. It’s made from a thinner, smoother fibre that makes it smoother against your skin. This isn’t some technical difference you’ll never even notice or appreciate. Touch our fabrics and touch their fabrics, and you’ll instantly feel the difference. After all, what’s the point of being super warm if you’re not also super comfortable?


What exactly IS MicroMerino®?

For those of you who are technically minded and want to know a few extra details, here’s the scoop: MicroMerino® is pure, 18.5 micron Merino which falls into the ‘superfine’ classification. But numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. Although the micron measurement is universal, it’s worth keeping in mind not all 18.5 micron fabrics are necessarily equal in anything other than the thickness of the yarn. There are many variables in the production process including the overall quality of the original wool, how many times it’s twisted to create the yarn, and how that yarn is then knitted into fabric that dictate how good the finished product is. Anyone can make Merino, but getting it right every step of the way to create the perfect combination of softness, durability and comfort really is a science and an art form. Which explains why we had an actual, white-coat-wearing scientist help us perfect the process. And why we can now claim to produce a Merino fabric that is so fine, soft, warm and comfortable that it sits in a league of its own. The MicroMerino® League.


Choose awesome.

If you want a fabric that delivers all the natural benefits of Merino, and an unrivalled level of comfort and performance, you want MicroMerino®. When you see the MicroMerino brand you can be sure you’re buying the very best quality Merino garments available. Anything less is second best. Actually, depending on what you’re buying, possibly even third or fourth best. Maybe even sixth.

So when quality matters, whether your life depends on it, or just your comfort, choose MicroMerino® - exclusive to ioMerino on planet Earth.