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Why Choose ioMerino?

Why is ioMerino better than the rest?


Our wool is better than their wool.

For starters, ioMerino is made from Australian wool which is recognised as the best in the world. Australia isn’t the only country in the world that has sheep, but it is easily by far the biggest producer of wool for apparel anywhere on Earth. And with good reason, Australia is the most scientifically advanced wool growing country producing the finest, softest wool available. And it’s this quality that gives us the perfect raw materials to make our finest, softest, merino clothing.


We’re fussy and only use the best.

Now, on top of the fact Australian wool is just generally the best, we then only choose the best of the best wool to use for our garments. Which makes life a little more difficult for us, but our clothes a lot more comfortable for you. By choosing nothing but the finest wool we can produce clothes that are smoother and more comfortable than the rest. So you get all the benefits of natural wool, without it being the slightest bit itchy or scratchy.


We don’t just say we’re better, we can prove it.

We know there’s a lot of brands out there that all try and tell you how good they are. And in that respect, we’re no exception. The difference is, we can actually prove we’re better. And here’s why:


140 years of expertise and know-how.

We’ve been in the wool business for 140 years. So what we don’t know about wool simply isn’t worth knowing. And we use that knowledge and expertise to manufacture a garment that is technically better in pretty much every way imaginable. We start by buying the best wool available then use our own secret and unique techniques to wash, comb, spin, dye and knit it into fabrics that are like nothing else on Earth. We could tell you more, but you know how it goes, then we’d have to kill you.


When wool prices go up, our quality doesn’t go down.

Like most things in the world, the price of wool can go up and down. But mostly up. In 2010, for example, the price of wool actually doubled! Which is why a lot of companies started using lower quality wool and blending with cheaper man-made stuff to save money. Not ioMerino. Those companies were more worried about profit than the quality of their products. So even if you had a favourite brand pre-2010, there’s every chance it’s no longer what it used to be. Here at ioMerino, when wool prices went up, we focused on strengthening our online community and only working with boutique, independent retailers. With this change of focus, we were able to continue making the same, amazing quality garments we always have without going out of business.


It’s not just merino, it’s MicroMerino®

The fabrics we use are so different, and so much better, it’s not really even accurate to just call it ‘merino’ anymore. So we’re not going to. Given the quality of the raw yarn, the process we use to make it, and how unique the end result is, we’ve given it its own, suitably unique name: MicroMerino®. When you see the MicroMerino® name, it’s your guarantee the garment you’re buying is made from what is literally one of the best, most comfortable, best performing natural fabrics on Earth. Oh, and it goes without saying, the only time you’ll see the MicroMerino® name is when you buy ioMerino. Because although we’re all quite nice and friendly here, we’re not really into letting our competitors benefit from our unique fabrics. That’s reserved especially for you.