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Are you ready to hit the trails?

November 30, 2018

Are you ready to hit the trails?

Whether you walk or run, hike or camp, whether you cover one mile or a hundred, our unique MicroMerino® fabrics are specially designed to keep you more comfortable than you ever thought possible. With natural breathability, temperature regulation, moisture wicking and odour resistance, you’re not only off to a great start but an equally comfortable finish.

Just recently we received this email;

“Just returned from a 7-day hike in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. I had purchased one of your shirts for this trip and I am very impressed and pleased. It’s hard to believe that after days of wearing the same shirt there was no bad odour to speak of. Additionally, when worn as outerwear the moisture wicking kept me cool in tough hiking conditions. I’ll spread the word!”

And a few days before that, this;

“I recently used one (of your tops) on a 40 day backpacking/mountaineering trip and found it very useful for peak attempts where you want to keep weight down by having layers which are versatile enough to be worn zipped up and hooded or unzipped, without the hood, with the sleeves rolled up.”

We receive emails like this all the time, which makes our adventurous little hearts sing with joy to know you guys are enjoying our products. After all, it’s you we made them for in the first place!

So, here's what you should take with you next time you hit the trails -



You're probably thinking something along the lines of 'why would I buy Merino underwear when I can just wear my regular cotton ones?'. Well, you could, but surely you'd want to keep your valuables just as warm and comfortable as the rest of your body? It's amazing how many people put a whole lot of thought and effort into what layers are going to perform best, then wear their regular undies. There's a good reason Search and Rescue teams across the world refer to cotton as 'Killer Cotton', so be sure to check out our Merino thermal boxers for men and boy briefs for women before you hit the trails next.



OK, so these bad boys are going to keep your feet warm and comfortable out on the trails, but they're so much more than that! In fact, these are more like 'don't leave the house without them' kind of Socks and will go from the trails to everyday seamlessly. With a whopping 80% superfine Merino Wool, they're one of the most Merino-iest Socks going around and offer a whole lot of warmth, comfort and natural performance such as odour-resistance (yes please!), moisture wicking, temperature regulation and more. But don't be fooled, these are not thick, sweaty and uncomfortable hiking socks, they're actually incredibly lightweight and with ventilated panels in the areas you need it the most, your feet will stay fresh at all times. We've also added extra padding in certain 'comfort zones' and a specially placed ankle cuff to stop 'Sock slippage' and any nasty pieces of dirt or rock from sneaking in. 


Neck Tube 

Let’s be honest here, we basically stuffed up when we did named this “Head Thing”. Yes, it can keep your neck warm, but it can also be worn as a headband, bandana, beanie, face mask… the uses are endless. You’d basically be mad to not have one of these handy when you’re out and about. Unlike other “Head Things”, the unique MicroMerino® fabric will prevent any condensation build up from freezing and it’ll stay warm even when it’s wet. Check the Altitude Neck Tubes out here and click here to read about the best uses for the Neck Tube by Outsider Kyle Williams.



For many hikers and campers, cold hands can be a real problem in cold weather. Your arms and legs usually warm up nicely enough, but your hands don’t have the same level of circulation and can stay cold, so a good pair of gloves is essential. Ours are lightweight, natural, breathable, soft, warm and comfortable. And you can even use your touchscreen devices without taking them off, thanks to the touchscreen-friendly pads on the thumb and forefinger.


Ultra Range

Designed with big adventures in mind, our new Ultra Range is ultra-natural, ultra-breathable, ultra-comfortable and, of course, ultra warm for such a lightweight garment. It combines all the natural benefits of our finest MicroMerino® fabrics with just enough nylon to create our most durable fabric ever. It's as soft and comfortable as ever, yet tough enough to withstand the most demanding adventures.

The tops and tees are packed with high-performance features and they’re just perfect for hiking in cold weather. Wear it on its own if it’s just a bit chilly, or layer up when the temperature really drops. The long sleeve features thumbholes to help keep your hands warm and to make your sleeves stay put. The Zip gives you the flexibility to un-zip when you need to catch some extra air. Super useful if you warm up while you're on the go. It also features a higher collar for extra warmth around your neck!



Our tees are the perfect addition to any outdoor lover's wardrobe. They’re super lightweight and breathable yet incredibly warm. Whether you’re hiking in the backcountry or running trails, you’re going to be comfortable in one of these Tees.

Wear it on its own in milder temperatures, or as a layer when the temperature drops. They are the perfect active tee for unpredictable weather as it will serve you well through a wide range of temperatures - you won’t overheat when your body temperature rises, but if the temperature drops or you get wet, it will offer more warmth and comfort than almost any other tee. What’s more, it’s been made tag-free and with flatlock seams to prevent any uncomfortable scratching or chafing when you’re out and about.


Altitude Long Sleeve 

The Altitude tops come in crew, zip neck or hooded, the choice is yours. They all feature flatlock seams and a tag-free design to make them ultra comfortable and chafe-free. These tops are your standard, ‘contact fit’ cut (ie. close-fitting) and the 4% Elastane gives it a nice, easy, 4-way stretch for complete flexibility and freedom of movement. If you like a regular neck, go Crew. For extra warmth go Zip. The Zip also gives you the flexibility to un-zip when you need to catch some extra air. Super useful when you’re getting warmer and cooler while you’re on the go. Wear this one on its own in milder weather, or over the top when it’s colder.  


Tights and Leggings

Now that the top half of you is taken care of, don’t forget about your legs. Many of you will be wearing hiking/trail/cargo pants, but for those of you who are looking for something light, warm and flexible to either be worn on their own or underneath your hiking pants – or even to sleep in – then a pair of our tights or leggings are ideal.

Our Altitude Tights are great for lightweight warmth worn as a base layer underneath your pants, or why not try our new Merino-Compression Leggings which are opaque enough to be worn on their own and come with extra compression performance. Just like all of our products, our tights and leggings are packed with warmth and natural breathability, temperature regulation, odour-resistance and moisture wicking.



Summit Vest 

The last thing you want to do is pack heavy layers when you're out and about on the trails. We totally get it. But at the same time, you really can't afford to be underprepared, especially if you're planning on spending a number of days out there! This Vest is the answer. Made with 100% Australian Merino Wool, it offers unrivalled core body warmth, comfort and performance, yet doesn't create bulk or restrict your movement in any way. It will see you through a wide range of temperatures and also won't take up much room in your pack, plus you can even store bits and pieces in the large zip-up front pockets! 


Summit Hoodie 

And if you're heading someplace where you know you're going to need extra warmth, then you might choose the Summit Hoodie (men's and women's) instead. Made with the same 100% Merino fleece fabric, this Hoodie offers the same level of warmth and comfort, just with the sleeves!


ioMerino Mens Merino Wool Fleece Hoodie Burgundy (5)


Any questions?

As always, our team and Outsiders are pretty helpful when it comes to answering questions, so if you have any that aren’t too difficult, send us an email anytime and we’ll get straight back to you. (Unless we’re out hitting the trails ourselves in which case you may need to be a teeny bit more patient!).


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Fabric Guide

While Merino is an amazing natural fibre, not all Merino fabrics are created equal. At ioMerino, we make our own fabrics, using only the best quality fibres, and to very specific specifications that make the most of the natural benefits of Merino. All of them are 'Merino rich’. No cheap blends passed off as Merino. No cheaper scratchy fibres or synthetic substitutes to save money. No unethical production. And each fabric is made for a specific purpose. So if you see something with a small amount of elastase or nylon added, you can be sure it absolutely needs to be there to enhance the natural stretch and durability. 

It took every bit of our 140 years of experience in the wool industry to perfect our fabrics, but we think you’ll agree the end result was more than worth the effort.

Ethically Made. Ethically Sourced. Perfectly Natural. 


Altitude / Zodiac

Lightweight 170gsm 96% Australian Merino Wool with 4% elastane for extra stretch and comfort. A MicroMerino® Fabric. 


Ultra / Universal

Lightweight 160gsm 83% Australian Merino Wool blended with 12% nylon blended for extra durability and 5% Elastane for stretch and comfort.



Midweight 265gsm 96% Australian Merino Wool with 4% elastane for extra stretch and comfort. A MicroMerino® Fabric. 


Summerino - Keystone 

Ultra Lightweight 150gsm 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino® Fabric. 


Merino Compression

Midweight 280gsm 76% Australian Merino Wool, 15% Elastane and 9% Nylon for extra stretch and compression properties.



Ultra lightweight ribbed 155gsm 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino®  Fabric. 



Outer Weight 280gsm Fleece 100% Australian Merino Wool. MicroMerino®  Fabric. 



Midweight 260gsm 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino®  Fabric. 



Midweight 260gsm waffle texture 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino®  Fabric. 


Stride / Glacier / Velocity

Midweight 255gsm French Terry 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino®  Fabric. 


Natural Merino Wool benefits: