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10 reasons why you need our 'Summerino' Range this summer

January 01, 2023 5 min read

10 reasons why you need our 'Summerino' Range this summer

To some people, wearing wool when it’s warm outside seems crazy. “Isn’t that the stuff you wear to stay warm when it’s cold?!?!?!”

Well, yes, but it’s also the stuff you wear to stay cool and comfortable when it’s warm. We could talk for hours about the science of it, but let’s start by comparing it to the insulation in your house. The same stuff does both jobs right? Or even better, a woollen under blanket on your bed. You keep it on all year round, and in winter it does one job, while in summer it does the opposite. Yep, it’s basically one of nature’s many little miracles.

Which is why we introduced our Summerino range - Merino that still delivers a layer of warmth when it’s cold outside, but is made light enough to be crazy comfortable in the heat as well. Here’s why:

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1. Odour Resistant 

First of all, it’s completely natural and naturally odour resistant. Not because we treat it with chemicals. It just is. We’d love to take credit for that, but it’s basically Mother Nature’s handy work. You can wear it for a lot longer, or even over and over again, day after day, without the stink you get with most other fabrics. (Without mentioning any names, we have a few big sweaters at the office who can’t wear synthetic for more than an hour without working up a stink. Yet they can wear their Summerino T for several days in a row, just airing it out overnight, without the pong.)

2.  Moisture Wicking

It’s ridiculously good at wicking moisture. And absorbent. ’Wicking’ is one of those words that a lot of people have heard of, and sort of know what it means, but not really. The science is really quite fascinating, but think of it as the moisture being drawn away from your skin so that you don’t feel wet and icky. Our MicroMerino® fabrics do that really, really well. So on a hot day when you work up a sweat, the wicking kicks in and keeps you feeling fresher longer.


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3. Absorbent

MicroMerino also happens to be super absorbent. Which means it can hold a whole lot of moisture before it actually feels wet. The merino wool fibres can absorb around a third of their own weight in moisture, and it won’t feel fully wet until it’s absorbed almost two-thirds of its weight. Math aside, this means the insulating properties work just fine even when it’s wet. Another reason you’ll stay comfortable for longer.


4. Ultra Soft and Comfortable 

Some people think wearing Merino wool is going to be itchy. Not so. Well, certainly not with our MicroMerino® fabrics. Our specifications ensure we use only the best fibres, knitted into fabrics that are smoother than you might think is possible. A study as recent as late 2016 proved that when using superfine merino wool, it’s not only not itchy or allergenic, it actually proved beneficial to people with skin allergies! According to the study, “The wool appears to be keeping the moisture content of the wearer’s delicate skin at the levels it should be, preventing it from becoming too dry and therefore reducing the risks of bacterial infection and the desire to scratch the itch.” So there!

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5. Breathable 

Wearing MicroMerino is a real breath of fresh air. Literally. It’s highly breathable allowing air to pass through freely which stop you feeling clammy. People can talk up other fabrics as much as they want, but if it’s synthetic, you’re basically wearing a big plastic bag. Not a nice feeling for you, and not great for the planet when you’re done with it either


6. Lightweight

Yep, there are other fabrics that can be lightweight, but it’s almost impossible to find anything that insulates anywhere near as well. Our MicroMerino® fabrics have one of the best insulation to weight ratios of any fabric on earth.



7. Fire resistant.

We hope this is one you’ll never have to personally put to the test, but have you ever wondered why people like firefighters and racing car drivers usually wear wool? It’s flame retardant and doesn’t melt or stick to your skin. You don’t have to be physically on fire to benefit from this either. Even being close to extreme heat can result in synthetics melting and burning your skin. So our MicroMerino® fabrics will actually keep you safer should you ever find yourself in that sort of situation. Coming from Australia where bushfires cause so much damage to our wilderness areas each year, this is something close to our hearts.


8. UV protection.

Ever seen a sunburned sheep? Even here in Australia where it gets super hot? No, right? That’s because Merino wool offers natural protection against the sun. (Did you know that by comparison, animals including rhinos, elephants and hippos are all much more prone to sunburn. And pigs! Which is one of the reasons they coat themselves in mud. We think you’ll agree a layer of our Summerino is a much better solution for you!) The protection factor varies depending on the weight of the fabric, but even our lightweight Summerino T-shirts offer a good level of protection - and more than most comparable cotton and synthetic fabrics. In extreme weather or at altitude where the sun’s rays can be their most harmful, of course we still suggest you wear sunscreen.


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9. Merino Magic 

Here’s some of the comments we’ve found from people who wear Merino in warm weather. “Merino is basically made of magic.” Or how about this: “Merino wicks better than petrol based fabrics. It provides better insulation when wet than petrol based fabrics. In hot weather this property works like the magic thermos that knows to keep your ice from melting in hot weather, and stop you're tea going cold in cold weather.” Thanks guys, couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


10. Versatile 

And last but not least, a nice Summerino layer is about as versatile as it gets. Pack one of these on your next adventure and it's like packing three tops in one. Wear it on its own in the warmth when you want to stay cool and stink-free, on its own when it’s cool and you need a layer of warmth to kick in, or combined with another layer or two, without ruining your layering system, when it’s cold.

Yes, I want some Summerino!