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Pre-event briefing

May 26, 2020 2 min read

Outsiders pre-event briefing with image of Head Honcho David MIchell

Hi all, and thanks for coming. Even though you’re there, and we’re here, we’re all in this, and this challenge, together now. So this is the bit where in the good old days, we would have been milling around before the event, a bit nervous, a bit excited, a bit concerned that the line up to the port-a-loo won’t move fast enough, waiting for everything to kick off.

Instead, today, we’re sitting looking at our screens. How times change. But one thing that doesn’t change is we can still be a part of something fun and exciting and use that to stay motivated and inspired. Especially during winter when, let’s be honest, things can be a bit bleak and staying in bed can seem like not such a bad idea.

I know that just like myself, a lot of you enter events to have something to aim for. Maybe it’s a distance, a time, or just to be a part of something. And our Outsiders Winter Challenge is definitely that, although with a few key differences.

First of all, we don’t care whether you run, ride, hike… or a bit of all three. We know that’s not how regular events usually work, but for us, this is about celebrating being outside, regardless of how you do that. With a special nod to our wheelchair entrants who’ll be in on this as well.

Secondly, we’re not the event police, so regardless of what weekly distance you choose, if you fall a bit short one week, and want to make it up the next, that’s fine as well. There’s no DQs here. Make it up, don’t make it up, it’s up to you. We know in some events there’s no short cuts, but in our challenge, it’s just about being involved. And because it goes for 12 weeks we know there’s bound to be some ups and downs - both literal and otherwise. What’s important to us, is that you stay inspired, and keep going.

So use this Warm Up Week to get your head in the game, get your warm gear ready, post your flat lays on social media to let everyone know what you’re up to, and we’ll see you bright and early Monday morning for Week One.

David Michell

Chief Outsider