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How to Layer

When it comes to staying warm and comfortable, bigger (or thicker) isn’t necessarily better. In fact, the experts agree lightweight layers are not only more comfortable, they can actually be more effective than bulky layers. And, of course, not just any lightweight layer, but specific types of fabrics. When it comes to layering, our MicroMerino® fabrics are the rock stars of layering.


It all starts with your undies.

Some people completely overlook underwear as the foundation of their layering. Big mistake. Ordinary underwear can really compromise the benefits of your next layers. Flatlock seams, no tags and the same breathability, moisture control and odour resistant properties as the rest of our layers makes our underwear the perfect starting point.


Your first 'next to skin' or 'base layer'. 

With underwear taken care of, you’ll want your first ‘official’ layer to sit comfortably smooth and close to your skin - we call this a 'contact fit'. This first or base layer should deliver maximum warmth retention and our Altitude range does exactly that. It's lightweight and thanks to its natural breathability and moisture wicking properties, delivers the ultimate in temperate control. This is the next best thing to having an actual temperature dial on your clothes.

The fabric used in our Altitude range is wonderfully lightweight and keeps you warm and helps prevent you from overheating. Thanks to just the right amount of elastin (4%), you’ll enjoy a nice 4-way stretch for a full range of movement whether you’re climbing up a mountain, racing down the slopes, running trails, or reaching across the bar.

(Insider's tip for Outsiders: While we designed this layer as a base layer, it's become a go to stand alone layer for trail runners all over the world and meets mandatory gear requirements for most, if not all, trail races that require thermals.)


The 'other' layers.

They don't really fit the technical definition of 'base layers', but if you're looking for a single layer, or something to wear next to skin that doesn't feature the tigher 'contact fit' of the Altitude range, our sporty fit Ultra range and casual fit Universal range, deliver all the same high performance qualities, but in different fits. These ranges are 83% natural merino, with the additional synthetic adding extra durability for more demanding adventures. 

(Insider's tip for Outsiders: While Ultra and Universal have the same performance qualities, the contact fit of the Altitude is why it gets called a genuine base layer. There's minimal 'bunch' when you wear another top over it, and no room for air between your skin and the layer, making it the perfect base. But all will perform similarly thanks to their high performance fabrics and construction.)


Summerino - our warm weather layer.

We know it sounds like nonsense, but merino really does make for a great summer layer too! Just think of it like a woollen under-blanket on your bed or the insulation in your house - keeps you warm in winter and helps keep you cool and comfy in summer. We designed the Celsius range especially for this reason. Our most lightweight natural fabric is a blend of merino and plant fibre making it the perfect warm weather layer. 


Mid layers

If you’re looking for more warmth than a Base Layer and want a lightweight layer that’s perfect for when the weather hits hard (and easy to throw in your pack when it warms up) then our Mid Layers are for you. At 260gsm+ The Pinnacle is significantly thicker than our Base Layers fabrics, but every bit as comfortable and still incredibly lightweight.


Outer layers

For maximum warmth and durability, you can add a final, Outer Layer to your outfit. Ranging from 230gsm tracksuit pants and sweat shirts, to 280gsm full fleece Hoodies, our Outer Layers are lush, deluxe, yet unbelievably lightweight and breathable. Use these before or after high impact activities, or when you want to add another layer of natural insulation to keep you warm and comfortable when you’re in the kind of conditions that make for great adventures but aren’t all that pleasant to be out and about in. (Unless you’re layered up properly, of course!)

Our Outer Layers also happen to be perfect for when you're doing absolutely nothing at all when you’re just lounging around the house. 


Your quick and easy guide 

If you need a quick, easy guide to working out which layer is best for you, where you’re going and what you’re doing, look no further, we've got you covered right here.