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Tracy - ioMerino Outsider

October 08, 2021 1 min read

Tracy - ioMerino Outsider


Trail runner, Pistol Shooter, Boulderer, Cross Fitter.

Tracy actually works at io HQ as our Person in Charge of Numbers, but really she’s much more than that. She’s product design advisor, product tester, product wearer and more. When she’s not counting beans she’s a professional-level pistol shooter and a slightly less professional but no less enthusiastic trail runner, cross fitter and boulderer. And when she’s not doing those things she’s trying any number of obscure beers with weird names. We’re always extra nice to Tracy because a) she pays the bills and our wages and b) she’s a professional-level pistol shooter.

Follow Tracy @tracywilliams1313 on Instagram to keep up to date with her adventures.

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