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Why you should buy your warm clothes before it gets cold

September 28, 2018 2 min read

Why you should buy your warm clothes before it gets cold

We’re Aussies, so we love summer and we love being warm. When it starts to cool down, we get a bit jittery. So here’s our top five reasons why you should think about grabbing your warm clothes now, before the cool weather sets in.

1. Lower prices.

We’d love to be all philosophical to kick things off, but we know price and value matters, so here’s the thing: We’re Australian. Your dollar is strong against ours, and we just switched from selling in your dollars to our dollars which means our prices just went down by more than 20%. It makes now a pretty epic time to buy.


2. Wear them more.

Unlike some warm clothes which you only bust out when it’s freezing, our ultra fine, naturally thermo-regulating Merino layers are suitable for a wider range of temperatures. Which means you can wear them now, and all the way through fall before it gets even colder, and get way more value out of them.


3. Be prepared.

There’s nothing worse than those first really cold days hitting and not having a nice warm top ready to go. No one likes to be cold, so grab something now, and when the cold hits, you’ll be ready to roll in comfort. Yeah, we know you’ve probably got something from last season, but we bet it’s not as good as our stuff. 


4. Guaranteed happiness.

We actually have a thing called The Absolute Love Guarantee where you can buy something now, wear it for up to 60 days, and if you don’t absolutely love it, you can just send it back. Which means you can road (or trail, or mountain or whatever) test our gear now, and make sure you’re happy with it before winter arrives. Oh, and just to be clear, you will love it. So don’t be worried about sending it back. (And on the off chance you do want to, we have a local returns address to make it easy for you.)


5. Because… Australia!

Look, we’re Australian, so we love the sun, and we love being warm. Which is why we make amazing, natural merino layers that’ll help you feel that way no matter what mother nature throws at you. So if you want to spend winter feeling like you’re in an Aussie summer, wear some awesome Aussie merino layers made from the world’s finest Aussie merino wool blended with pure Australian sunshine.


Whatever you decide, stay warm and comfortable out there. And as always, if you want to know what’s best for whatever you plan on getting up to Outside, just send us an email and ask. You’ll get a personal reply from one of our ioMerino Outsiders usually within 24 hours - except weekends when they’re too busy being Outside. Of course.