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Croatian Coast

August 10, 2017 3 min read

Croatian Coast

Altripiani travel the world to see the most beautiful mountain ranges, creating new routes and bringing untold stories from local communities. They recently traveled Istria, a beautiful peninsula shared between three countries - Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. Giacomo and Glorija gives us the wrap on why you should visit Istria.

By ioMerino Outsider The Altripiani Team, Glorija and Giacomo


One amongst all? The colours: the intense green of the hills, the red ground wet by rains or dry during the dry season, the blue of the sea bathing the jagged shores. The sea is the attraction for many seaside activities, but it is in the countryside that we want to bring you, in the small Venetian styled villages, all to be discovered. In the villages that rise here and there on the highest promontories, where white bell towers emerge among the trees' crowns. It is the Istria of the hills, of the fields cultivated with the fatigue of people who still speak the Venetian and the Istrian dialects. Animals are always close to the houses: sheep, hens, pigs, cattle and especially goats. There are also vineyards, olive trees, sometimes bowed by the bora wind. Istria is to be known, it is beautiful both for a vacation and for the whole life.

In spring, picking up wild asparagus is one of the funniest activities. You don't have to think of anything else than to beat the others by picking up more asparagus than them. It is a pastime that frees your mind as you focus only on searching for them among the trenches in the woods. You return home dirty and with your arms scratched. Wild asparagus tell you that summer is coming soon.  The best recipe is to eat them with fresh hen eggs after frying them into a pan, so they lose a bit of the bitter taste. The omelette of Šparuge is a classic dish.


Moving slowly helps to get you into the environment you are visiting. Most of the time, we walk to the slopes of Mount Učka, along the paths of the Istra Trails, with a spectacular view of the islands of Crescent, Lošinj and the Adriatic. There are trails marked by low, medium and high level, but it is also good to invent your own track. Učka is the highest mountain of the peninsula, reaching 1396 meters with a 360-degree view but is not the only place worth visiting. Get yourself a good map and explore!


 There are a lot of farms: in Labin there is Mirijana's one that has 53 sheep, in addition to many other animals that give her work and make her company. Glorija is her niece. She is a smart girl, speaks many languages, has lived in many countries, but she has never forgotten to love her birthplace. When she can, she gives her grandmother a hand. Sheep shearing is one of the most important activities, it requires precision and patience, and if you are really good at it, the sheep will relax so much to almost fall asleep.


We have given you some reasons to visit and walk in Istria. The countryside, the scent of the grass, the sheep's bleat and the shadow of a large oak await you. In Istria, like all over the Croatian coast, out of season is another life.


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