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The Adventures of Irwin

December 03, 2018 1 min read

The Adventures of Irwin

By ioMerino Outsider Irwin rwin

"Living life outside is what I've been up to with my 'parents'! Playing in Rivers, Climbing Mountains, Chasing Waterfalls, and enjoying the Colorado Summer Days! We've hiked the Mayflower Gulch, and Booth Falls in Vail Colorado, with a massive Waterfall we stood on top of. I did some trail running with Mom (In her ioMerino Mongrel that she's pretty obsessed with!) and some star gazing camping with Dad on top of mountains.

Simply I've just been enjoying everything Colorado has to offer this time of year! Been doing a lot of sniffing too!"

If you would like to see more from our Outsider Irwin, you can follow his adventures through his social media: Instagram: @adventures.of.irwin