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Warming up to wool - summer and winter!

January 21, 2019 2 min read

Warming up to wool - summer and winter!

Depending on which hemisphere you’re in, you’re either packing away your wool outdoor clothing for another six months or rediscovering favourite items as you pull them out of their hiding place to see you through the chilly weather.


Most people think of wool as winter-only wear. But did you know merino wool is also a high-performance material for spring and summer? Yep, you can happily wear wool clothes during the warmer months.



What makes wool good warm-weather gear?

Whether it’s for hiking, running or even just everyday wear, merino wool’s temperature regulating properties, breathability and odour resistance means it will keep you comfortable and go the distance.

The structure of the natural fibre helps it absorb moisture from the skin and dissipate it away from the body in a process called “moisture buffering” or “regain”, and this also acts as a cooling mechanism to provide comfort during exercise.

Worn as a base layer, merino wool acts as a “wick” drawing sweat away from the body, and its antimicrobial properties means it won’t smell if you want to wear an item repeatedly between washes.

So your fave base layers can stay out all year – well, maybe not your trusty wool long johns, but definitely your wool t-shirts, tank tops, crop tops and thermal underwear!

Merino wool also has a natural protective layer that helps prevent stains. All this makes it great for camping, hiking and trekking when you want to travel light and make the few items of clothing that you pack go the distance.


The Australian Wool Institute says:

“Merino fibre can absorb up to 35 per cent of its dry weight in moisture vapour. Therefore, in hot climates or during strenuous exercise, a Merino garment close to the skin actively transfers moisture vapour molecules away from the body. This causes the micro-climate above the skin to become less saturated with vapour, thereby making the wearer less clammy and it less likely for the vapour to form sweat droplets on the skin’s surface.”



Antimicrobial, breathable, stain and smell resistant and…

Not only that, it doesn’t itch. Unlike some of the thick and scratchy wool jumpers you may have stashed at the back of the cupboard, merino wool clothing is renowned for its supersoft and lightweight feel.

So it’s touchable, durable, soft and smooth, non-stinky, cool in summer and warm in winter. What more can you ask for from your best activewear? Whatever the season, whether you are north of the equator or south and facing cold weather or warm, merino wool clothing performs at an optimum level required by any high performance athlete and amateur sportsperson.