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We want you (maybe.)

January 18, 2018 4 min read

We want you (maybe.)

We’re looking for people who love being active outside, love traveling, love exploring and adventures and, of course, love ioMerino to join our team of ioMerino Outsiders in 2018.


Settle down, we won’t be paying you a million dollars or sending you around the world, but you will have the chance to review new products (think ‘free stuff!’), share your adventures with the world and, ah, more. (We’ll be honest, this is the first time we’ve done this so we’re pretty much making it up as we go along. So if flying by the seat of your pants is your thing, you’ve already passed the first test!)

The bottom line is, we’re not looking for the fittest, bravest or most daring people - although you’ll likely have at least a bit of all those things in you if you’re a true Outsider. You don’t need to be a super model or have a million Instagram followers either - but being able to take half decent photos of your adventures and share them on social media with your fellow Outsiders is definitely a part of it all.

What we are looking for is a diverse mix of people from all over the place who do all sorts of things. You can hike, ride, paddle, jump, run, ski, climb, explore… pretty much anything that involves being Outside from anywhere on Earth.

If this sounds like you, please read on. Otherwise, feel free to going back to doing whatever you were doing before.


This is not a job application or even a sponsorship application, and even if you’re successful, you will not be paid. It’s also not a ‘competition’ so there are no real terms and conditions. We’re simply selecting people to be a part of our Outsiders Team for 2018. That means we will give you a bit of free stuff, but that’s it. Exactly how much stuff will depend on how it goes. To start with, you’ll get a bit, (Tshirt/top, cap, socks), and if it goes well, you’ll get a bit more. There will be no standard kit for everyone, it will be on a case by case basis depending on the kind of Outsider you are, where you go etc.

In return, we’ll expect you to do some product reviews, take some photos, write a few blogs - some or all of which will be featured on our social media channels, on our website, and in our newsletter.

So why would you do this if there’s no money in it? Because it will be fun. And it’s an opportunity to share your adventures with the world. And yes, if they’re good adventures, you might get more InstaFamous if that’s your thing.

Ideally, you’re someone who is passionate about sharing your adventures, loves the natural world, loves exploring and traveling, and wants to inspire others to do and be the same. We’re all about the environment, preserving our wildlife and natural places, and keeping things natural, so if this is going to work, you’ll need to be all those things too. You won’t be expected to chain yourself to a tree that’s about to be bulldozed, but you’ll have to care and be passionate about the same things we are.


The reality is, you’ll need to be able to write a bit too - we’re not expecting any Pulitzer Prize winners, but if you can’t write basic English, it won’t be ideal. Not that there’s anything wrong with speaking and writing other languages, but we don’t, so things will get real tricky real fast if you can’t speak and write English. You don’t have to be a professional photographer either, but what are adventures without the pictures to prove it, right? So we’ll be checking out the kind of pictures you (or your adventure buddy) take as well.
The selection process will be carried out by the team from ioMerino based on all sorts of random criteria so don’t even think about telling us what you think we want to hear. It’s very unlikely to work as even we haven’t decided on the final criteria yet ourselves. We’re hoping we’ll just know who’s right for the team when we see them. Like that whole ‘love at first sight’ thing. Speaking of love, if you’re not from Australia, you’ll need to love Australians because that’s who you’ll be dealing with.

It’s worth mentioning, even if you’re the most daring, good looking person on Earth with a billion followers on social media, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be selected. We’re looking for a good, diverse mix of characters. So if you don’t get in, don’t take it personally, you’re probably still awesome, just not right for us right now.


One final thing: You’ll almost certainly have to be an existing customer, or at least an existing fan of merino clothing - even if it’s someone else’s brand - because a big part of being an Outsider is wearing natural Merino clothing in the natural environment we all love so much. If you’re into stinky synthetics and can mount a good case for why you want to swap to merino - but haven't yet - that would be worth mentioning and could be interesting.

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Applications closed 12th of February 2018