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7 things you should never do with your Merino

We’ve all heard about how amazing Merino is and in particular ioMerino, (let’s be honest, we tell you that all the time!), but want the inside scoop on what you should absolutely not do with your Merino? We reveal the top 7 things you should avoid at all costs.


1. Hang it.

First of all, don’t store it on a hanger. Merino wool is an epic fabric, but it's prone to getting a little stretchy under its own weight if you hang it. Plus, you’ll end up with those annoying ‘bumps’ in the shoulder area from the hanger. Sometimes a Merino garment can even develop a little ‘twist’ to it because of the natural fibre. Don’t panic, when you wash it, or maybe even give it a gentle iron or steam, it will bounce straight back. But better to store it flat and folded.


2. Store it.

Speaking of storing it, don’t store it in the drawer or cupboard with the rest of your gear. Our Merino, in particular, is soft, fine and… delicious! It’s number one on The Moth Menu. That sounds a bit gross, and we know you don’t have moths, but even the cleanest house can have a moth sneak its way in, and if it does, you can absolutely guarantee it will take a bite or two out of your ioMerino first because it’s natural and delicious to critters. So store your Merino in a sealed container or a sealed clothes bag whenever you can to keep it extra safe.


3. Tear it.

Merino has some pretty amazing moisture absorption and wicking properties. In fact, it can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture before it feels wet. But… it isn’t as strong when it gets wet. If it’s wet when you’re pulling it on or off, be extra careful you don’t stick a finger right through it. It’s not a fault in the fabric, it’s just more fragile when it’s wet because of how it handles moisture. So handle with care.




4. Pack it.

Don’t pack your Merino away when the weather warms up. It’s easy to think of your Merino as cold weather only clothing, but it’s seriously great in warmer weather too. For starters, both Spring and Autumn/Fall can still dish up a range of temperatures in most parts of the world so its temperature-regulating properties can get you through cool mornings or evenings just as well as warmer days. Even in Summer when it’s warm, the fabric is soft, breathable and odor-resistant making it a perfect fabric to wear day to day, hiking, travelling, riding or whatever else you do. Try it. You’ll be surprised how great it is in warmer weather. (TIP: Our casual fit Universal range is particularly good for warmer weather!)


5. Pin it.

Don’t pin your race number to it. All the things that make Merino fibres better than Synthetic ones, also make it more prone to pinholes damaging the fabric. This is actually a good thing because it’s what allows it to break down in the environment when you’re done with it rather than sit around in landfill for the next billion or so years. If you are racing, get a race number belt or some race dots - your Merino top will love you for it.


6. Wash it.

Wait, we know what you’re thinking, not washing it is gross, right? Well, not really. We don’t mean don’t ever wash it, just don’t automatically wash it after every use because that’s what you do with your other clothes. If you wear it and it’s still clean(ish) and stink-free, maybe it can skip a wash and no harm, no foul (smell), it’s ready to go on another adventure. We’ve had people run marathons in our gear and after airing it, it’s been 100% fine to go again. Or people hike in it for days on end with just an overnight airing. It saves effort, water, laundry detergent and is ultimately better for the environment as well. Imagine the difference it would make if you washed your merino every second or third wear instead of every single time? Every little bit helps and it all adds up. (The even better news is when you do wash it, it doesn't release a stack of microplastics into the waterways like synthetic fabrics do!)


7. Buy it.

And one last thing you should never do with Merino, is buy it if it isn’t real. Too many companies try and pass off synthetic fabrics with a bit of Merino added, as genuine Merino. We see it all the time. If it’s not at least 50% Merino, it’s not real Merino plain and simple. So don’t get sucked into buying a synthetic top that has a token hint of Merino in it, when what you really want is a Merino top and all the benefits that come with it. Even better if it’s an ioMerino top when you can be sure we’re using nothing but the best Australian Merino Wool, and all ethically made in certified factories - no sweatshops.


ioMerino may be naturally stink-resistant, but you’re still going to want to wash it every now and then, click here for a few tips on how best to keep it in tip-top condition.