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Lisa - ioMerino Outsider

January 16, 2019 1 min read

Lisa - ioMerino Outsider



Lisa loves adventure so much, she’s made a career out of it. After starting her professional life in various jobs, she’s since become a travel agent specialising in adventure tours, taking people all over the world and sharing her love of adventure with them. When she’s not making her way to places like Machu Picchu or Everest Base Camp, you’ll likely find her on the local trails in her home state of South Australia, guiding one of her Wise Women Walking tours. One of her goals is to complete the best ten walks in the world, even though at any given time, which ten they are exactly isn't entirely clear.  Her favourite ioMerino is her Keystone long sleeve top (now the Universal), and her ioMerino undies.

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