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Into Morocco

August 29, 2018 2 min read

Into Morocco

When our Italian friends, Glorija and Giacomo, told us they were planning to trek along a valley from Argana to Imintanout on the High Atlas as part of the 'Altripiani Project', we couldn't help ourselves and had to get involved. Plus, we made sure they were going to be decked out in some of the world's softest, warmest and highest performing Merino Wool layers for the huge adventure ahead!




This has been the third time for us in Morocco and we started our journey once again from Argana and we visited a couple of families we met last year: it was like coming back home to our own family, it was like we’d never left. We had the privilege to stay with them a few days and experience their routines, helping them with their work, enjoying the cooking time and meeting the whole village. Their work is mainly related to the fields and animals, as well as the rhythm of the days is dictated by the sun.

Altripiani_Marocco_2018_giacomo frison-250 Altripiani_Marocco_2018_giacomo frison-619

In the warmest hours of the day they stay at home away from the sun. As it goes down they return to work in the fields and feed the animals.

Communication is never easy with Berber people that live on these mountains, but we learned a few basic but important words and each time we encountered some teachers – that are sent by the government from the big cities of Morocco to the schools of the Atlas – they would translate for us and explain us things we didn’t understand and fill our cultural gaps.

Altripiani_Marocco_2018_giacomo frison-292 Altripiani_Marocco_2018_giacomo frison-324

In a population with 90% of illiterate people, teachers are of extreme importance and very respected by the whole valley. Usually, they are from 25 to 35 years old and like their job, and for most of them that is their first experience “out of their parent’s house”, as they share a house with other teachers.

As with last year, we’ve been very lucky to stay at their place for a few nights and we had a lot of fun with them and the children they teach.

Hospitality is a big deal in Morocco, the guest is sacred and we really felt like that each time we entered a village, a house, or just met someone along the way.

Altripiani_Marocco_2018_giacomo frison-87

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