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ioMerino Takes On 330KM Ultra

December 17, 2016 2 min read

ioMerino Takes On 330KM Ultra

When you're planning on running one of the world's most extreme ultra marathons, it should come as no surprise that you're going to need high performing lightweight thermal layers. But with so many different brands on the market, how do you pick just one? The good news is, there's nothing saying you can only choose one brand. In fact, your kit will probably be made up of a number of products from various brands, all with different purposes.

Australian Trail Runner Sandy Suckling has taken on some of the most challenging ultra marathons in the world over the last few years and has trialled and tested many of the performance garments on the market. Going into the Tor Des Geants - a 330KM nonstop ultra marathon through the Italian Alps - Sandy knew she was going to need gear to take her through a wide range of temperatures and conditions. So for her, ioMerino thermals were must haves (Click here to read Sandy's versions of her Tor Des Geants journey).

For those of you who are interested, these were the ioMerino layers Sandy packed:

Here's what she has to say about them...

"Well, I must say, I don't have anything negative to say! When I first put it on, I thought the Altitude Longsleeve Top wouldn't be as comfortable because it was much lighter in feel and to look at, but I'll say it was as warm and also just as comfortable.

"After the first day when it was really hot, I put the top on that night and lived in it while putting layers on and off as needed, but I used it as my permanent first layer - just did the zip up and down if I was hot or cold.

"I love the neck warmer (necktube) - the feel, the stretchiness... it had many uses on my head, around my neck and sometimes around my wrist when I was wiping away sweat! You get to be creative out there in the Alps as the weather changes very quickly.

"The tights were comfortable. Love the stars! (Southern Cross). I explained those to quite a few people out there. I didn't have them on at the start as it was too hot, but as soon as the cool weather came in, I pulled them over the top of my other 3/4 leggings (which were mandatory or I would have had shorts on). Later on, I had only these tights on with my wet weather trousers and I kept warm even in the snow.

"I was 100% satisfied with the gear, it's without a doubt very, very comfortable".