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Merino x Carbon Fibre

April 01, 2020 1 min read

Merino x Carbon Fibre

Get comfortable going up to 35% faster with io merino x carbon fibre

Forget cotton socks, synthetic socks, regular socks and regular socks. It’s time to go with io. And go fast. Up to 35% faster! With our revolutionary new, patented 'Flexi-Carberino' Carbon Fibre base plate knitted into the base for up to 35% extra thrust, power and speed on roads, and up to 29% more on the trails.

Get comfortable being faster. And faster being comfortable.

 ioMerino X Carbon Fibre

The ridiculous comfort of these socks, already gives you one thing less to worry about while you’re on the go. Spend less energy worrying about chafing, hot spots, blisters or just plain old uncomfortable socks inside your fancy shoes, and all your energy going forward.

But with the inclusion of the Flexi-Carberino plate, you’ll not only be ridiculously comfortable, but ridiculously fast. Or if you were slow before, you’ll now be a lot less slow. 35% less slow, in fact.

And if you think all this sounds too good to be true, you’d be half right. These socks really are ridiculously comfortable. They really do let you spend less energy worrying about your feet, and all your energy on putting one foot in front of the other. But there’s no Flex-Carberino, no carbon plate, no carbon. Just the carbon dioxide coming out of your mouth really. Because it’s April Fools!

But even without all that pretend technology, you’d be a fool to go with anything else. Go with io.

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