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The Munda Biddi trail

November 28, 2018 2 min read

The Munda Biddi trail

What is the key to a successful and enjoyable trip? Lightweight packing! No matter how much you love your lycra, you seriously need to try this lightweight Merino Jersey.  We asked Dave from our sponsored Adventure Racing team, BMX Bandits, to take the ioMerino Cycling Jersey for a spin. Here is what he has to say. 

By Dave (BMX Bandits) 


The Munda Biddi trail in Western Australia was completed around 2013 as a purpose built off-road bike packing trail going from Perth to Albany. Huts or towns every 40km means it is accessible to most riders and you can find everyone from toddlers to octogenarians on the track. During our 16 day end to end adventure we only shared a hut twice- we encountered so few people on the track we always stopped to chat because it was so exciting. 


My journey consisted of one trail, one bike, 1000kms of epic cycling - and one ioMerino jersey. The routine was simple: Pedal. Eat. Camp. Rinse. Repeat. So simple, but so rewarding. 

The stresses and concerns of ‘normal' day to day life slid off our backs like water from a duck and we were immersed in wilderness from day one. The amazing wildflowers and Jarrah forests of the Perth hills gradually gave way to Karri forest and Tingle trees as we headed South. 

My wife, (who chose to go on our first bikepacking trip for her 40th birthday despite barely having ridden over the last 5 years), decreed it one of the best holidays ever. The key to our success - simplicity. We packed light, we brought food we knew we liked (2 min noodles & stock cubes anyone?) and kept it flexible on how far we travelled each day (30 - 80km depending on how we felt). 

Favourite pieces of gear:  my ioMerino cycling top that I wore every day that never smelled bad and dried quickly after rainstorms or a dunk in the creek to rinse off. Kept me warm for early morning departures and was breathable in the mid-day sun. And my origami bowl - chopping board, plate, bowl all in one!


I highly recommend this trip to anyone who loves cycling - particularly if you enjoy camping, although you could do it staying in towns and B&B’s along the way if you planned it carefully. Check out the Munda Biddi foundation website and Facebook page for all the help and info you could ever need. 

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