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Outdoor Reviews

December 17, 2018 3 min read

Outdoor Reviews

We love it when people all over the world are wearing ioMerino during their adventures. We love it, even more, when they send us pictures of those adventures and tell us how much they liked wearing their ioMerino along the way. Here's a selection of some of our favourite ones. And don't forget to send us your own pics and stories if you'd like to be featured down the track!


Terry Priest, Outdoor Enthusiast and Adventure Seeker.

"I recently received the ioMerino Altitude Tights and Altitude Zip, and right out of the packaging I noticed the quality of the build. Super flat seams, reinforced stitching and incredibly soft. 

I wore my ioMerino in all conditions and found it amazingly warm, breathable and moisture wicking when necessary. I mean, this wool really impresses. I was never uncomfortable in the slightest. No bunching, chafing, or climbing - the material held to my body and kept me thoroughly in comfort. Worn singly, or layered, there were no overheating or cold sports to be found.

I spent a total of eight days adventuring in my ioMerino everywhere from Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Utah. The majority of this was spent on a road trip, and not once did I launder my base layers. I lived in these on the trails, sweating, sleeping, camping, you name it! I can't impress enough the importance of quality gear that is truly durable, reliable and odour free in all my experiences. I cannot recommend this gear enough!".

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Holly Johnson, Mountain climber, hiker and outdoor lover.

Holly loves everything about the outdoors and spends her spare time exploring wherever she can. But she also understands the importance of staying warm and comfortable in a good base layer. She says the Altitude Crew Neck is her absolute go-to base layer because of all the natural performance including temperature regulation, breathability, moisture wicking and odour-resistance, and the soft touch and design. "And did I mention they have thumb holes? My favourite!" she adds.

If you would like to see more from our Holly you can follow his adventures through her social media: Instagram: @missholldoll


Adrian Rollins, Cyclist and gear reviewer at Cycle Tech Review.

"Most people who have been riding for a few years have a few pieces of kit in the cupboard that they find themselves reaching for more than not. In my case, because I live in an area prone to frosty mornings and cool starts (at least for half the year) toe warmers, arm warmers, excellent gloves and a good Gillet are indispensable. And so is a decent base layer.
On a recent test ride, the combination of the Altitude Zip and a summer weight jersey was ample to keep my torso warm. This gave rise to concern that the heat might soon be becoming stifling, particularly with a couple of solid climbs ahead. But I needn't have worried. Drop the jersey zip down a bit and the natural breathability qualities of wool made it a cinch to control the temperature. And when the sweat did flow, the Altitude top seemed to be as effective as any synthetic base layer I've used in wicking the moisture away from the skin to prevent that uncomfortable clammy feeling.


Although lycra remains king, it is not altogether surprising to see wool making a comeback in the world of cycling. I'm not talking about nostalgic re-creations of the jerseys of yore, but the emergence of technically advanced woollen fibres and garments are giving the synthetics a run for their money, particularly when it comes to insulation. It is soft and comfortable on the skin, with none of the itchiness and scratchiness I've usually associated with woollen garments. It is designed to be close fitting but because it stretches you barely notice you are wearing it.

With so many synthetic base layers aimed specifically at cyclists on the market, wool may not be your first choice, but perhaps the ioMerino Altitude will change your mind". 

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