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The Ultimate Outdoor Test

December 17, 2018 2 min read

The Ultimate Outdoor Test


We all know our premium MicroMerino® fabrics do a cracking job at keeping you warm when the weather hits hard. But as soon as it starts to warm up, many don’t even consider wearing Merino as they’re worried they’ll get ‘too hot’. Little do they know, our superfine Merino clothing is just as comfortable when the temperature rises. The team behind Outdoor Gear TV recently reviewed the ioMerino Altitude Zip to see what all the hype was about.


While we’re layering up and preparing for winter here in Australia, our friends on the other side of the world are shedding layers and getting ready for the warmer months. But that doesn't mean it's time to chuck your ioMerino back in the wardrobe. In fact, our unique MicroMerino® clothing has been designed to not only keep you warm in cold climates but stay just as comfortable when the sun comes out to play courtesy of its natural temperature regulating properties.

And if you don’t want to take our word for it, perhaps Andrew Bradberry from Outdoor Gear TV will help convince you. This guy knows a thing or two about the outdoors and perhaps more importantly, what to wear when you’re in the outdoors. Working as a mountain paramedic in Colorado and chasing adventure in his spare time, it's fair to say he has an appreciation for a 'base layer' that only some of us are lucky enough to have discovered. And here’s what he had to say about ours...

Andrew Bradberry from Outdoor Gear TV


“The Altitude Zip is the kind of piece that you will find yourself reaching for just about all year”.

“This is perfect for spring and summer mountaineering because it can be worn either as a base layer or as an outerwear piece. I brought it out to several days of skiing, to the desert for some spring climbing, and even on a few cold and rainy trail runs. After several days of skiing, camping, climbing and running, I feel pretty good giving the Altitude Zip an A+ in odour resistance."

So while we’re not suggesting wearing a thick, long sleeve Merino top in the middle of summer (you’d rightfully get ‘too hot’ on that occasion!), we think you’d probably find yourself quite comfortable in some of our superfine, light and breathable layers. With a selection of super lightweight Tank Tops and Tees offering natural temperature regulation, breathability, moisture wicking and of course odour-resistance, we really have something for everyone, no matter what temperature you’re in.


As Andrew sums it up: “I found that when I’m hot, it feels very light and breathable. Likewise, when I’m cold it feels like a cozy next-to-skin Merino wool base layer”. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thanks for the support team!

Watch the YouTube video here and click here for the full review