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The Outsiders: Meet Jess

September 01, 2018 2 min read

The Outsiders: Meet Jess

Teacher. Dad. Trail Runner and now Ultra Runner.



I took over 50 students on a four day adventure caving camp, the only problem was that until I was underground, I didn't know that I was petrified of being in confined spaces. Nonetheless I pushed on in my trusty long sleeve ioMerino top and actually loved every minute of it



Just over a month ago, I continued running my favourite series of trail events the TRSA Winter Series. The afternoon before I bumped into a few friends that I had not seen before and shared a few local vinos. This made running Mt. Misery a little more miserable than it really should be. The good news was that I finished and although I had a bit of a foggy head, the rest of my lethargic body stayed comfortable in ioMerino gear (Stay tuned - new blog post coming!). I layered up wearing my Altitude Crew and Run all the Trail tee!



In April I completed my first ever Ultra marathon. This time I prepared extremely well and made sure there was only water consumed on the day prior to the run. This run really tested out the ioMerino range, as the event took place in a horrible storm that included gale force winds and torrential rain. The real testament to ioMerino gear is that my wife gave me a big hug at the end of the run and said "wow...you don't even smell bad."



While I love running, my number one love is my family. I have been sharing the running journey with my two young girls. In this shot, I am exploring part of Cleland National Park with my two trusty sidekicks. As always I was super comfortable in my ioMerino tee.


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Earlier this year I took my wife and two kids over to explore Kangaroo Island. We took off through a heatwave of 40+ degrees and surprisingly it was amazing. While the days were warm, the nights were amazing. Here is little Allegra's introduction to caving. This shows the versatility of ioMerino gear, I run in it when the temperature is in single digits, but also just as comfortable on the beach and caves when the temperature is over 40.


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