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The stuff some companies don’t like to talk about

March 07, 2019 3 min read

The stuff some companies don’t like to talk about

Look, we get it, you can buy cheaper clothes than ours. Whether it’s killer cotton, a stinky, environmentally-unfriendly synthetic or even a cheaper poly-pro thermal, inferior merino-blend, or merino made from cheaper, less comfortable yarn, we know you have choices. Lots of them even! Let’s be honest, some big companies might even make good merino, but use factories that can produce garments cheaper by paying workers less, or simply produce in quantities that allow them to keep prices lower. 


For us here at ioMerino, our products are priced based on many factors, and we’re happy to be totally up front about that. So if you’ve ever wondered why our clothes cost what they do, and why we often discount less than other companies, (because there are not fat, juicy mark ups to start with), you may might find this interesting.


It starts with the yarn.

Rather than buying regular merino fabrics off the shelf, we make most of our fabrics ourselves. That way we get to specify exactly what type of yarn is used, and how it’s knitted into fabric right here in Australia. This allows us to keep our fabrics ultra fine, soft and comfortable. But as you can imagine, that comes at a cost. But for us, it’s totally worth it.


Ethical manufacturing.

As is paying workers fairly. We send those fabrics to Fiji, to unionised factories we’ve personally visited, where our clothes are made by people who get paid well. Sure we could send them to a country or factory that could make them cheaper, but we believe in doing the right thing, so we don’t. And we love that our customers appreciate that too.


It’s a family thing.

And while we sell our clothes to Outsiders all over the world, we’re still just a little family owned company, based in Adelaide, South Australia. We don't pretend to be local, when we’re secretly owned by some big corporation in America like some other brands. We’re still owned by David Michell, the fifth generation wool guy who started the business. And Emma, one of his daughters, also works in the business. Maybe one day we’ll sell billions of items, but for now, everything we do is personal. When you call the office for help, you’re every chance to end up chatting to David or Emma personally. And the clothes you buy, are all exclusive, limited production runs, made with care, from Australia, with love.


Still not sure?

If you’re still not sure if you think our clothes are good value, we suggest you start with a pair of undies. They cost less than the long sleeves and t-shirts, but they’re a great way to experience the fabric, close to your skin where, let’s be honest, comfort is super important. Wear them on adventures, wear them every day, and you’ll quickly discover how ridiculously comfortable they are. If for some reason you don’t agree, there’s always our 60 day money back guarantee if you don’t absolutely love them, but we know you will. And when you realise how great they are, you might then feel more comfortable buying a T-shirt, top or leggings to go with them, knowing they’ll look, feel and perform at the same level.


So there ya go. That’s how and why we do what we do. And from David, Emma and the team, thanks for supporting the little guys!