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The Go Natural with io Nude Ultra

At io we’ve always been about going natural. And now it’s time to go ‘au naturel’ by going io natural in our first ever, and possibly the world’s first ever, Nude Ultra. No synthetics. No harmful microplastics. No landfill. No nothing. Do it for the planet people!

Where will this event be held?
We’re just awaiting final approval for courses across Australia but the locations will be Sausage Gully (Victoria), The Butt (Tasmania), Flirtation Hill (NSW), Fanny Creek (NT), Yorkey’s Knob (Qld) and Cockburn (SA).

What distances will there be?
You can choose from 10km, 25km, 50km or the Full Monty 100km. Shoes and (natural merino) socks allowed. Or enter the Birthday Suit Barefoot Ultra and wear literally nothing at all. It’s up to you.

Is there a mandatory gear list?
No, we’ll have a list of things that are mandatory to not have. And it’s clothes. Because it’s a Nude Ultra. So no synthetics. This event is all about keeping it natural. (Hydration devices allowed. If you want to take a collapsible cup to refill at the support stations, where you store that is up to you.)

If ioMerino is natural, why can’t I run in that?
Because this event would be nowhere near as legendary if it was a Nude Ultra where you actually wore clothes. But yes, absolutely, io is the way to go if you want to keep things natural. 

Are there support stations along the way?
There will be support stations approximately every 5kms offering water, Tailwind, gels, chips, lollies, sunscreen and anti-chafe creams.

Isn’t a nudie run illegal?
Probably. But hey, live a little.

Could running natural cause some sort of injury?
We expect all runners to run within their own abilities and body types.

Is this a body positive/inclusive event?
You bet your bottom it is. You can be any size from XS to XXXL and beyond. We don’t care how you look, we care that you’re awesome. And if you got this far in these FAQs, you’re definitely awesome.

Is this all some sort of stupid April Fool’s joke?
Yes. Yes it is. If you really like the idea of ditching the stinky synthetics and keeping things natural, just go with io.