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MicroAdventure Grant FAQs

October 22, 2018 3 min read

MicroAdventure Grant FAQs


Who can enter?

Anyone over the aged of 18, currently living in the USA. (Sorry, this one is for our American friends only.)


When do I have to enter by?

Applications close 3 November 2019. You snooze, you lose.


Do I have to answer all the questions on the application?

Nope. But for us to pick a winner, we’ll be looking for people who supply the best, most compelling applications, so fill in as much as you can.


Does it matter if my Instagram is set to private?

Yeah, it kind of does. While you're not obligated to have a public IG profile, we’d like to get a feel for who you are and what you’re about and what you post on social media, so if we can’t see your IG, it’ll make it trickier for us to pick you.


What if I don’t have any previous adventure pictures/videos/stories?

This isn’t mandatory, but put yourselves in our shoes: we’re looking for someone who is gonna write a great little story about their MicroAdventure so if we can see you what you’ve done previously, that scores you points.


Do I have to do my MicroAdventure on my own?

Of course not - the grant is for one person, but you can go with as many friends as you like. But the prize is only for one person.


Can I share the ioMerino gear with my Adventure Buddy?

For sure! How nice of you to even consider that. You get USD$500 worth of stuff - how you divide that is up to you. Just so long as you wear it on your adventure so you can include pictures of you wearing it and tell us how it went.


Can I choose whatever I want for the ioMerino part of the prize?

You should suggest what you think would be best for your adventure, but we reserve the right to change your final order. So if you choose USD$500 worth of socks, we’re probably not going to send you that. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the most appropriate gear for your adventure.


What if I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to use the money for?

That’s cool, just give it your best guess. We’re not the IRS, we just want to know roughly what you’re going to do. It could be for car hire, accommodation, food, or even some extra equipment, we’re not all that fussed. We just want to know you’ve thought about what you’re going to do and are serious about doing it.


What if I win and then just run off with the money and gear and never do my adventure?

Well, that’d suck a bit for us, wouldn’t it? We’re Aussies, we’re pretty laid back, so we’re just doing this on the honour system. We trust you’re serious about adventure and will keep your end of the bargain. Besides, if you don’t, we’ll track you down and… just kidding. Maybe...


What else can I do to improve my chances of being selected?

Look, we don’t care what you look like, what colour your skin is, or how athletic you are. We just want someone who is going to have an awesome little MicroAdventure and then do a great job of telling us all about it. So do whatever you think you need to in order to convince us you’d be a deserving winner.


Can I do an application video?

Sure can. Just don’t make it too big or too long otherwise… zzzzzz…. you can Hightail/DropBox it to us at CustomerService@io-Merino.com.au


When do I have to complete my MicroAdventure by?

Ideally by the end of January 2019, otherwise it all drags on a bit, right? But hey, we understand life can get crazy, so if something changes, just let us know and we’ll work something out. It’s not like we’re going to come over there and drag you out on your adventure kicking and screaming whether you like it or not.


How long does my MicroAdventure need to be?

However long it needs to be. We’d like to think it’s likely to be one or two days long minimum. Heading down to the local park to ride on the swings doesn’t really count. If you want to climb Everest that’d be more than we’re expecting, but you’re certainly welcome to do something massive and epic like that. The winners will probably be somewhere in between. Maybe it’ll be kayaking down the Colorado River, Mountain Biking in Moab, chasing waterfalls in Washington, peak bagging, snowboarding, hiking, trail running, bike packing… you make it sound good and it can be as long as you want it to be.