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Cycling the world-famous Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail in NZ

June 26, 2023 3 min read

Cycling the world-famous Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail in NZ

Having previously completed New Zealand’s longest continuous cycle trail back in 2019, this year Jodie headed back to do the world-famous 300+km Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail all over again! This time, she decided to go with io and not gonna lie, we’re kind of jealous she didn’t actually take us with her because… wow!

With alternative starting points at Aoraki-Mt Cook or Lake Takapō, Jodie and her friends opted for the longer route from Aoraki-Mt Cook in the Southern Alps, alongside the stunning Lake Pukaki.

While officially a downhill route, Jodie was quick to point out they didn’t just roll the whole way.


“It’s essentially downhill, yes, but with lots of uphill sections as well. We rode hardtail mountain bikes because there’s nothing too technical, it’s mostly a combination of bitumen and cycle trails - some of which can be quite rough in parts. Some of it was near cliffs where you think ‘I wouldn’t want to go wrong here’, but nothing too technical.”

They completed the trail in six days, staying in hotels and B&Bs along the way, which Jodie said made for a really enjoyable way to tackle it.


“We got to have warm beds, hot showers and real meals! So we had the freedom of being out on the trails, and the only place you have to be is at the next town by the end of the day, but you really can take as long as you want to get there.”

The trail itself is broken down into eight sections ranging from 27kms to 54kms so even completing it in six days meant they had plenty of time to enjoy the scenery along the way.


“The scenery is spectacular. We got a helicopter over the Tasman River from Aoraki-Mt Cook, and they’d built more off-road sections since last time we did it, so there was more trail along the lakes. The views along some of the narrower trails with mountains and water all around us were just beautiful”.

Of course we had to ask, what did Jodie wear along the way?

“I wore exactly what I’m wearing right now - my long sleeve zip mongrel! I wore that everyday. But after I had a shower I would change into my Ultra Long Sleeve. So I had my dirty trail one and my clean one. Not hat you need to, but it was a luxury to take two. We were carrying all our own gear, so having something lightweight made that easy as well.” (Jodie also wore her multi-sport socks.)


“My partner wore an Altitude Tee a lot of the time, and my other friend wore an Ultra Tee, with a long sleeve Altitude Crew over the top. And we all loved being able to pack less and stink less. I don’t honestly know how I traveled without ioMerino before. And I’m not just saying that. I could have worn the same top morning, night, on the bike, to the restaurant, whatever. Even riding up hills we got pretty sweaty but that was totally fine and I was always comfortable.”

With temperatures ranging from close to zero overnight to the mid teens (celsius) during the day, Jodie’s ioMerino proved to be perfectly comfortable and versatile… just like we say it is! Yay!

Next up Jodie has her sights set on more cycle trails, possibly linking a few shorter ones together in New Zealand, or heading further afield to Slovenia or Croatia. Wherever she goes, at least we know she’ll go with io.