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100% Quality for Spinal Cord Injury Sufferer

May 11, 2014 2 min read

100% Quality for Spinal Cord Injury Sufferer


ioMerino is perfect for the slopes, mountains, water and earth - we already know that. The question is what do you wear when you are wheelchair bound, yet refuse to wear poly-blend clothing which does not allow your skin to breathe nor provides temperature regulation? Everyday Caring blogger Rachel is nearly 100% sure merino wool is the answer.

The blog, Everyday Caring, was born out of Rachel's desire to share her triumphs and struggles of caring for her daughter Emily who fell whilst snowboarding in America. Having broken her neck, Emily went from being a physical dynamo to a quadriplegic in a split second. 


We spoke to Rachel after providing her with some ioMerino layering pieces to find out what worked and why. The answers surprised us and made us understand the phenomenal qualities of wearing merino wool on a daily basis.

The Health Benefits of Wearing Merino Wool:

The benefits of wearing ioMerino's fine, jersey wool garments are multiple, including warmth without perspiration, allowing Emily to concentrate on what she's doing rather than being too cold or too hot. Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) can cause spasms when individuals experience extreme temperatures so there is an enormous benefit if a person can regulate their temperature with appropriate breathable clothing.

100% Comfort:

With SCI there is usually some sensory loss so the benefit of wearing ioMerino is its softness, its flatlock seams are not rigid and they reduce the risk of skin trauma and pressure lines.

Key Benefits of Merino Wool:

  • Naturally breathable and temperature regulating. Helps keep you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm.

  • Moisture Wicking. Stays warm even when it’s wet and naturally wicks moisture away from the skin for extra comfort.

  • Odour-Resistant. Natural antimicrobial properties to prevent odour – especially good for travelling and extended adventures.

  • Made with only the softest, finest Australian Merino wool. Designed and knitted in Australia for adventure

The Recommendation:

Emily wears the Vital Long Sleeve, Vital TankZodiac Crop and Summit Vestfrequently, forming the perfect laying solution. These products are preferred as there are no pressure points from the soft fabric. Layering the vest with the long sleeve tops generates core warmth and no bulk.


Rachel says "ioMerino products are very gorgeous and wearable. Emily and I love the fact that the pieces are practical and yet sleek and on trend."