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Super natural. Not superficial.

October 16, 2019 2 min read

Super natural. Not superficial.
Look, we know people like certain brands for all sorts of reasons. Maybe because they’re ‘cool’. Or it’s what they’ve always bought. Or they just have a nice design on them. And that’s fine. Let's not pretend we haven't all done this from time to time. Yes, even us.

But if you’re the type of person who likes to blaze your own trail and rise above ‘what’s in’ and instead choose ‘what’s right’, then maybe it’s time to rethink your clothing choices? 
In recent times, fabrics like polyester have made clothes cheaper than they've ever been, but this has also led to a more 'disposable' attitude towards clothing. Unfortunately, while we all like to 'get a bargain' and save money, cheap clothing can have a high cost for both people and the planet. 
So looking beyond what we've always done, (even though really, we haven't always done this and a lot of our clothing choices are actually relatively new), here's some thing to consider when choosing a brand or type of clothing, and what it says about you when you wear them.
Are your clothes ethically made? If you care about people, knowing that the people who made your clothes were treated and paid fairly is a good start. At io we only produce in a select group of factories where we know the people are well looked after.
Will your clothes cause environmental damage? It's one thing to buy clothes made out of recycled items, but at some point they still end up as landfill for the next million or so years. Our merino wool on the other hand is a 100% natural fibre that goes back to mother nature when you're done.
Can you use a single item for longer, in a wider variety of conditions? Rather than have multiple items for different conditions and activities, a high performance piece of clothing like ours can get you through all sorts of activities in all sorts of weather conditions, in comfort. So you can genuinely replace multiple items with just one high performance item.
Does even just washing your clothing cause damage? If we'd known what we know now about microplastics when Polyester was gaining massive popularity back in the 80s there's a very real chance it would never have caught on. Thankfully, more people are aware of this now and are choosing natural fabrics like ioMerino which thanks to their odour-resistance you can wash less, and when you do wash them, they don't have the same microplastic issues as synthetic fabrics.
So when you need new gear, if you want to do the right thing and choose something that delivers the performance you want, then go with io.