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Ultra Zip is Ultra Versatile and Cosy

March 22, 2023 3 min read

Woman in the snow wearing ioMerino outdoor clothing

(NOTE: This is an actual customer review we received recently. We didn't ask for anyone to write it. They were not paid to write it. They just liked their top so much they wrote it so here it is, in their own words. Not us telling you how good our stuff is, but a fellow Outsider.)

The Ultra Zip has the best all around fit for comfort, function, performance and durability that I have found when compared to other brands and styles of wool tops. I found that the true to size recommendation is spot on. I typically wear a medium shirt and the medium fits great. Approx. 5'10", 40" chest, 33" waist. If you are like me and don't like garments that are too snug around the arm pits then you will love the Ultra Zip.

Men's merino wool charcoal ultra zip Women's merino wool silver pine ulta zip

Even when I put my work shirt over the Ultra I don't get bunching or that restricted feeling under the arm pit. It still has a mild form fitment that tends to lay on the body but doesn't squeeze the body so it is not restrictive in any way. This perfect balance between fitment and comfort will allow you to wear the Ultra Zip as a base layer if you like and still allow full range of motion under casual or more dressy shirts as well as any other type of mid layer without bunching or discomfort of any kind, even when wearing a cotton shirt or fleece jacket over the Ultra.

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And here's the women's ultra comfortable Ultra Zip

Women's merino wool ultra zip in red Men's merino wool ultra zip in blue

The Ultra's fabric weight of 160 GSM has the best balance of temperature regulation and warmth to weight ratio for my body's temperature temperament. I get cold easily but when I start to heat up the heat builds fast. I need a comfortable lightweight layer that reasonably resists the cool and breaths fast when needed; io did just that with the Ultra. I love how the superfine wool resists heat loss when mostly static but once you start to heat up it allows quick ventilation.

The sleeves can also be worn comfortably when pushed up the arm past the elbow due to the really good stretch that the elastane offers and it has no issues repeatedly returning back to its original shape after the garment has been stretched. It is absolutely true that lightweight wool of this nature will benefit from the addition of a small percentage of nylon. I encourage you to look up all the benefits. No need for me to bore ya in this review but suffice it to say that while the site does mention you can poke your finger through the wool especially when wet (listed in io's section of top 7 things of What Not To Do) if you're not careful, when nylon is added to the fabric recipe it exponentially reduces accidents like this from happening.

Men's merino wool ultra zip in grey Women's merino wool ultra zip in blue Women's merino wool ultra zip in charcoal

Nylon is also less prone to shrinking so if you do need to throw the Ultra in the dryer on low or very low heat it helps to resist any heat related shrinkage. I have thrown the Ultra in the dryer many times with perfect success but I don't let the dryer completely dry out the fabric. I use this same principal on many of my clothes and all of my wool garments with no negative issues to date and I have been doing this for over 20 years with perfect success; but, your specific conditions and equipment's ability to maintain proper temperature reliably could differ. If you choose to use the dryer, I highly advise to check your dryer very often until you are 100% confident and familiar with your equipment's performance to ensure no over-drying of the fabric occurs.

From daily wear, athletic activities to cosy bed time comfort, I have not yet found a limit for the Ultra. The Ultra Zip may just be the Ultimate all around versatile and cosy top you can find. :O) I highly recommend this product.

Thadiusmaximus (The Villages, US)

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