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Using Our Merino Neck Warmer As A Face Mask

July 29, 2020 3 min read

Man wearing a merino neck warmer as a face mask

Here in Australia, one state has enforced regulations requiring people to wear face masks, and there may also be advice to consider wearing a face mask to lessen the likelihood of transmitting the Covid-19 virus where you live as well.

But before we go any further, let us be really, really clear on something: We’re not here to comment on the science of face masks or the ethics around face masks rules, we’re simply going to talk about wearing an ioMerino Neck Warmer as a face mask for those who have been asking and want to know.

First of all, regulations in different places are different. So the first thing you’ll want to do is check what kind of face mask meets the legal requirements of where you are. If you’re in Victoria, Australia, for example, you can wear pretty much anything that covers your face and be compliant. So one of our Neck Warmers will do that perfectly.

The second thing is to consider how comfortable something is if you’ll be wearing it for more than a few minutes at a time. Because our Neck Warmer is a tube, obviously, it means you don’t have to worry so much about securing a face mask around your ears. And the 4% elastane in our fabric means it’s nice and stretchy, so unless you’ve got a particularly massive head, wearing it around your face should be pretty comfortable.

Woman wearing merino wool neck warmer as a face mask

While different fabrics and materials potentially offer different levels of protection, and as far as we know there’s been no specific testing around the effectiveness of Merino in preventing virus transmission, we can tell you that having a nice, natural fabric around your face is something a lot of people find more comfortable than a synthetic mask or face covering.

Our fabrics are actually famous for being breathable which makes them super comfortable to wear. We can’t comment on what that means in terms of potential for transmission, but if you’re super worried about the virus, you may want to go hard core. However, if you’re looking to fully comply with the rules without being uncomfortable, a natural, breathable fabric like ours might be just the thing.

One group of people who have found our Neck Warmer perfect for what they need are tradies who are worried about flammability. We don’t make any specific claims about the fire resistance of our specific fabrics, but Merino as a fabric is notoriously fire resistant - it’s why everyone from race car drivers to rescue services and the military often use it in their clothing. So if that’s relevant to you, choosing a merino wool option might also be of interest to you.

Please know, we know this whole Covid-19 subject is a minefield, and we know that quite rightly, some people get pretty emotional about the issues facing the virus and wearing face masks, so we’re not making any specific claims about anything. All we can do is tell you a bit about our Neck Warmers and what you might want to know about wearing them as a face mask, whether it’s to comply with regulations or by choice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us and we’ll do our best to answer, otherwise stay safe and well.

Man wearing merino wool neck warmer as a face mask