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Do you feel good about your clothes?

September 28, 2021 2 min read

Do you feel good about your clothes?

Do your clothes fit your values as well as your body? We’ll give you six reason you can feel as good about going with io, as you do in it.

There’s no question our clothes feel great when you’re in them. That whole ultra fine, breathable, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, odour resistant thing means they’re ridiculously comfortable. But more and more we’re finding people want to feel as good about their clothes as they do in them.

So here’s six reasons you can feel good about going with io:

1. We’re a family owned business. Sixth generation wool. Not a big multinational conglomerate. No soul-less board of directors who only care about money. Just a family who love wool, who want to make and share bloody great outdoor clothing


2. We’re Australian. If you’re a true blue Aussie yourself, you’ll know that’s a good thing. We’re local. We’re based here. We employ people here. We pay taxes here. We use Australian wool. We knit most of that wool into fabric here. If you’re not Australian, then just roll with it. Our wool is the best in the world. And Aussies are generally speaking pretty great people. And how cool is it owning and wearing a little piece of Australia? Tell your friends, they’ll be impressed.


ioMerino | Australian owned, ethically made natural merino wool thermals

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3. We don’t use sweat shops. Ever. We’ve produced in a few different factories and countries over the years. These days, most of our fabric is made here in Australia, and the majority of our gear are made nearby in Fiji at unionised factories we’ve personally visited. Anything that isn't made here or in Fiji only gets sent to factories that meet those same standards. (From time to time we produce things in places like Sri Lanka as well.) We know you care about this sort of stuff, and we do too.

4. Because most of our fabrics are made right here in Australia and manufactured nearby in Fiji, there’s less to and fro throughout the production process and less miles traveled means a smaller impact footprint. We know we’re not perfect, but we’re always working on ways to improve even more and will keep doing that in an effort to always be better.

5. We’ve all heard about what a massive problem micro plastics are becoming. With io, you can wear them longer without washing them. Just ‘air and wear’ and depending on what you’re doing in them, you can get multiple wears without washing. Certainly days, possibly even weeks. Less washing, less water, less detergents, less micro plastics.



ioMerino | Natural, breathable, odour resistant merino wool thermals

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6. Because we want you to get the full performance of merino, our fabrics are all either pure merino, or merino rich (usually 80+%). This means, unlike synthetics which become landfill for 100s or even 1000s of years, when you’re done with your io, it breaks down back into nature.


Next time you’re on the lookout for something to wear Outside, make sure they fit your own values as well as your body and go with io.