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New Zealand Adventures

November 13, 2018 2 min read

New Zealand Adventures

By ioMerino Outsider Jodie

"I just got back from New Zealand and I have to say, I was wearing ioMerino maybe 80% of the time! My Southern Cross tee was my "travelling shirt" so I wore that on the plane because plane travel is not the most comfortable of situations so having the most comfortable shirt in the world on helped to get through the ordeal.

I wore my orange Ultra tee for biking around Lake Wanaka. Admittedly I did have to wear a long sleeve underneath because it was pretty chilly!!


My beloved Mongrel was the star of the trip. I wore it a lot just around town and for general wandering. I wore it on two hikes (one of which was very sweaty!). I also wore it for a full day of skiing at Cardona. Wearing just the Mongrel and my jacket, I was super toasty on what was a very cold day! AND the Mongrel was worn for Queenstown Parkrun where once again I got very sweaty. This is all, of course, with no washing, and it was always dry and fresh smelling ready for the next adventure!! So impressed!


And now I have a new altitude long sleeve, hooray!!! My Mongrel might get a rest occasionally now. Do you know, apart from a couple of jackets, all the tops I took on this trip were merino. And even though it was only a week, I think it would be exactly the same for longer trips. Hooray for merino!

Oh. The ioMerino socks also got a great workout! Great for wearing under my hiking boots.

I must also mention my partners ioMerino use on the trip! He got a lot of use from his altitude tees(I think he has 4 of them!), his socks and his tights (which he wore under his skiing pants)."



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