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Why our winter clothes are great for spring. And summer. And autumn.

September 25, 2019

Why our winter clothes are great for spring. And summer. And autumn.

Some people think ioMerino is only for winter. Wrong! #FakeNews They’re brilliant for the in-between seasons and well into summer too. We’ll tell you 10 things you may not have considered when you were planning what to wear Outside when winter comes to an end and it's time to defrost.

1. io is natural. And natural is good any time of year. Synthetics aren’t great for the environment any time of year. if you love nature, keep it natural all year round.

2. io is naturally breathable and stink resistant. Think that’s important in winter? It gets even more important in the warmer weather. You picking up what we’re putting down?

3. io is temperature regulating. You know how the insulation in your roof or your woollen under blanket keeps you warm in winter but also keeps you cool in summer? io is the same. Just flick the switch and you’re good to go when it gets warm. (Jokes. There is no switch. Please don’t email us looking for it.)



4. io will keep you comfortable for a broader range of temperatures. So if you happen to jag a chilly morning or evening, your io will rise to the challenge nicely. Warm or cool, it’s got you covered.

5. io can go for days without needing a wash. We know what you’re thinking: gross. But no. Nope. Negative. Not gross. If you’re still thinking everything needs to be washed every single time you wear it, you’re not getting with the program. Air it out, wear it again. And again.

6. io offers natural UV resistance. We’re not saying you won’t need sunscreen, but our merino fabrics offer natural UV protection.



7. io means next to no synthetic landfill when you’re done, and almost no damaging micro plastics when you wash them. Every little bit helps so let’s do this.

8. io is lightweight. If you’re planning an adventure where you’re not sure if you may need something warmer along the way, one of our regular long sleeve tops will pack down into a regular sandwich bag and you’ll hardly even know it’s there. Think of it as insurance against unexpected weather.

9. io is ethically made. We want you to feel as good about your clothes as you do in them. So we don’t just deliver high performance, we deliver that feeling you get when you’re doing the right thing by the people who make your clothes.



10. io is Australian. And Australia, and Australian merino wool, is bloody awesome. We’re not some big faceless multinational conglomerate who only cares about making more profit, we’re a family owned business with six generations of wool know-how taking on some of the biggest companies in the world. So when you choose us over them, you sticking it to the man and making a real difference at ground level. And we’re ever so grateful.



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Fabric Guide

While Merino is an amazing natural fibre, not all Merino fabrics are created equal. At ioMerino, we make our own fabrics, using only the best quality fibres, and to very specific specifications that make the most of the natural benefits of Merino. All of them are 'Merino rich’. No cheap blends passed off as Merino. No cheaper scratchy fibres or synthetic substitutes to save money. No unethical production. And each fabric is made for a specific purpose. So if you see something with a small amount of elastase or nylon added, you can be sure it absolutely needs to be there to enhance the natural stretch and durability. 

It took every bit of our 140 years of experience in the wool industry to perfect our fabrics, but we think you’ll agree the end result was more than worth the effort.

Ethically Made. Ethically Sourced. Perfectly Natural. 


Altitude / Zodiac

Lightweight 170gsm 96% Australian Merino Wool with 4% elastane for extra stretch and comfort. A MicroMerino® Fabric. 


Ultra / Universal

Lightweight 160gsm 83% Australian Merino Wool blended with 12% nylon blended for extra durability and 5% Elastane for stretch and comfort.



Midweight 265gsm 96% Australian Merino Wool with 4% elastane for extra stretch and comfort. A MicroMerino® Fabric. 


Summerino - Keystone 

Ultra Lightweight 150gsm 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino® Fabric. 


Merino Compression

Midweight 280gsm 76% Australian Merino Wool, 15% Elastane and 9% Nylon for extra stretch and compression properties.



Ultra lightweight ribbed 155gsm 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino®  Fabric. 



Outer Weight 280gsm Fleece 100% Australian Merino Wool. MicroMerino®  Fabric. 



Midweight 260gsm 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino®  Fabric. 



Midweight 260gsm waffle texture 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino®  Fabric. 


Stride / Glacier / Velocity

Midweight 255gsm French Terry 100% Australian Merino Wool. A MicroMerino®  Fabric. 


Natural Merino Wool benefits: